I think almost every phone conversation I have with family begins with, “What The Heck ya doin’?”. So many answers can come from this one question. Frequently there is admittance that someone is sitting on the John doing their morning “consitutional”. That is fine with me as long as telephone lines cannot process smells.

Crazy is probably the best word to describe me. I have to have at least one great big belly laugh a day. That is because with life there is so much stress. Laughing is a great counter reaction to that. I have to beat others at laughing at me. Life is crazy and nothing makes it more bareable than seeing all the funniness in everyday situations.

This morning I was contemplating the dating years and my husband and I. Frequently he would leave love letters on my car while I was at work. My car had broke down and I was required to drive my father’s beloved hoopty to work for a couple of days. Unbeknowns to me a guy working in one of the buildings next to us had the same car. My husband came by one day to leave a note of undying love and put it on this poor man’s car by .

Many thoughts go through my mind on what exactly he was thinking when he saw this note, signed, “Love, Jay”. Of course, my husband took it all in stride. Somewhat embarassed, but then figured he would never see the guy to have to explain. Jay is not much of a “belly” laugher. He is very mellow and perhaps 10 times in 20 years, I have seen him totally let loose with a huge laugh. It has to be REALLY funny for him to laugh. His dry sense of humor is what drew me into his infectuous personality.

So when I call and ask…”What The Heck ya doin’?” make up something good.