Because of recent events in decrease in cash flow, all of my children were required to ride the bus instead of drive to school.  Of course, my daughters were rushing to get out the door because of the time constraint and I was rushing trying to help my 12 year old with his homework he didn’t do the night before.  Oatmeal was not my meal of choice, but the only available food substance this morning. 

Oatmeal is best ate when it is warm.  No doubt about that.  Of course, some children were slow getting to the table and by the time the prayer was said, the oatmeal was cold.  As I sat there choking down every last bit, cold lump by cold lump I began to wonder why I had to eat cold oatmeal.  I am sure my children were wondering the same thing because of the moans and groans I heard throughout the 5 minute meal. 

Sometimes when I am asked what is for dinner, I will reply “pig slop”.  Even though it may look like pig slop and perhaps taste like it to some, that pig slop was not retrieved from a dumpster or landfill somewhere.  I did not have to go scrounging through a sesspool of filth, flies and maggots to provide the meal.  Yeah, it may not taste like chicken chimichangas or pizza, but it was edible and will keep you alive for one more day. 

Consistently expressing sincere and heartfelt gratitude for what you already have is the underlying and
often overlooked force which opens doors to immeasurable abundance and happiness.  Heavenly Father has blessed us greatly and it is to Him we owe our lives.