My sons created a giant playground for adult paintballers and airsoft wars.  Today their scout leader brought his employees for a round of paintball.  I do believe I saw three brave women in the group.  I have heard of the welts that the paintballs leave and am still undecided if I would try it.  I would need padding from head to toe.  Yes, I know..I am a pansy with some things.  There is a difference between accidentally getting hurt and totally setting yourself up to get hurt.  I ask myself, “Why would I do that?”.

It amazes me how some men really never grow up.  Now they can be fun loving and act like kids or they can be complete imbeciles and look like an idiot no matter what age they are or act.  I have decided this runs rampant among the male human species.  I of course, am attached to the first.  A fun loving kid at heart.  Who only does really stupid things once in awhile.  He has tried some interesting modes of transportation that leaves some to question his sanity, but all in all he is a pretty fun guy.

I feel bad for the poor ladies out there that husbands think they are too old for any type of behavior.  What fun is that? You got to cut loose every once in awhile and enjoy your life.  Find the funny in everything, do something spontaneous and crazy.  Do something unexpected.  That is what makes people interesting.