So, for about three weeks now I have been having a turf war with the neighbors cow.  I am a somewhat patient person, but even this has pushed this mother’s buttons to the limit.  I find myself thinking very evil thoughts more often which is not becoming of my character.  Just two days ago I thought, “I would like to tie an anchor onto that cow’s neck and drop kick it into the well”.  Or there was this thought, “I would like to put that cow into the neighbors front yard and let it roam and eat all of their trees and flowers”.  Or how about the day I came home and it was standing in my driveway trying to take on my car.  I reved the engine and it pawed the ground.  I wasn’t having it.  I gassed it and flew at the cow slamming on the brakes at the last minute.  It had a small affect on it.  Then it was back.

No matter how many times, my neighbor has seen his cow out, he does nothing to put it up.  This has become very frustrating to me.  So yesterday like a good neighbor, I chased the cow about a mile away from it’s home with a loaded BB gun.  I thought it would get lost in the other neighbor’s corn field along with the group of chickens we chased in there a couple of days ago…..but no….it still came back.  Like a horrible stray cat that keeps showing up on your front porch and you can’t get rid of.  You take it for a drive…it comes back….you run it over… still comes back….you don’t feed it… still stays.

The cow hears the pumping of the BB gun and starts running.  You would think that it would eventually put two and two together and realize when it comes to the “greener side of the fence”, it is going to feel pain.

If it was the old west, that cow would now belong to me or it would have been shot by me and ate for dinner.  I wonder if an animal spends a certain amount of time on someone else’s property if that animal’s ownership transfers over to a new owner.  Ponder that one for the law books.