Well after 5 months of college, I am beginning to think that perhaps I might survive this after all.  I have decided that I completely loathe computer programming.  I heard that you have to have a twisted mind to be a computer programmer.  I am happy to say that I am not twisted, at least not in that direction. 

Today I sluffed school to hang with my daughters.  It all started with a very unfortunate thing happening to one of them.  So we used this as an excuse to slack off to cheer up the child.  Two of us sluffed school, the other was on spring break.  My school will not be the same after my daughter got through messing with some of the messages on dry erase boards.  It was probably caught on camera and I will be removed from school permanently come Monday.

This week has been very trying.  My daughter is an avid lacrosse player.  Got the bug a couple of years ago and has been chin deep in it since.  Last year she stepped into a boy’s game to fill in for a player.  That was what started her bug to play boy’s lacrosse.  The rules are totally different and boys play a more aggressive game.  I think she really only wanted an excuse to pound someone.  Anyway, her and her friend wanted to tryout for the team this past January.  The booster club could not find any legal rules stating they couldn’t play and so the girls were allowed to condition, train and tryout for the team.  They made it and have been working as hard if not harder than the boys to make their team successful.  Three days before the first game, the booster club leader “happened” to find rules that have been on the records since 2006 stating rules for girls on boys teams.  To make a long story short.  The booster bullied the girls off the team by  threatening them to not play them etc. and other legal issues we won’t get into.  The girls regrettably backed down to preserve the team’s spirit and integrity.  It has been extremely hard for them, because the boosters should have followed through on their initial promise to let the girls play this season. That was all they wanted, but they chose to take the lower road and bully them out of the program. 

During this time, the girl’s lacrosse team turned on these two poor girls because of their decision a to tryout for the boy’s team.  My daughter’s friend had been threatend with bodily harm from the goalie of the girls team at one point.  So not only do the girls get kicked off the boy’s team they are now forced to quit playing this season because of the way the girls on the lacrosse team have been to them. 

It has been very emotional.  We have decided to not file a lawsuit because we would destroy the program.  The booster club has no legal ground to kick these girls off, but we did not want to ruin it for the boys who would ultimately be the ones who pay for this.

I am amazed at how low people will stoop to get what they want.  Their word means nothing, their integrity means nothing and the character they carry with them throughout the rest of their life means nothing to them.  How sad.  I will say this. If I or my daughter run into any of these booster leaders, they will have nothing bad to say about our character, but we will always remember them and the lack of theirs.

This too shall pass.  Losing her chance to play lacrosse has been as trying as losing a pet.  She did admit it was worse than losing her dog, that is because her dog can be a complete pain in the butt.  I don’t think down deep she really meant it.  She really does love “The spawn of Satan”.

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