♥Last night I was discussing with my children the difference between the dark versus the light and why having light is much more comfortable living with than having dark surround us constantly.  It was a lesson on making more great choices rather than making more bad choices.

I am deep into this “object lesson” when my eldest daughter says, “I have a great example of this.  You mean you have to have a Georgia to appreciate a Lola”.  Georgia is our 1 1/2 year old black pug and Lola is our 3 year old tan pug. 

Of course everyone started laughing, which totally ruined the teaching moment, but it was so true.  Georgia is a royal pain in the butt and before we got Georgia, Lola was a complete pain in the butt.  Right now Lola is a saint.  Georgia has more evil days than good days.  Everyone wants Lola to sit on their lap and sleep with them, but not Georgia.  She bites whatever she can get her teeth on, and when it comes to who she shares her precious time with……it is ME!  No one else, but me.   How did I get so lucky?

All I can say to this is….”Go to the light, go to the light”.