I have always been kind of a history nerd.  When it comes to family history, I find it so exciting.  It is amazing to see where your family comes from and why you might be the way you are.  That last phrase is a lead into this post.

I have to go back a few years for you to understand the significance of this finding.  When my husband and I were dating, I remember a specific night that we were in his car talking and for some unknown reason to me he kept opening his door and then closing it.  I thought to myself, “Um, O.K. that is weird”.  Well after we were married he decided to fess up to what that was about.  I guess he had gas that particular night and was trying to keep the car aired out since he was trying to make a good impression.  Heaven forbid I get any clue whatsoever of his flatulent problem before marriage.

Well, he has often told me that his mother had said this, “You are going to have to marry a very patient woman with that gas problem of yours”.  I thought this was funny at first.  After 20 years of marriage it isn’t as funny sometimes as it used to be.  Like when we are in public and he just can’t seem to hold it for another minute.  Anyway, to make a short story long while doing a family history search on one of his family lines we were getting quite the chuckle out of some of his ancestors names.  We were quite enjoying finding out about some of his ancient relatives which included Attila the Hun.  Now this would explain a lot of the bed heads we have going on in the morning at our house. 

The icing on the cake was when we stumbled across his ancestor named: Eystein “the Fart” Hálfdansson.  No, that is no typo.  Eystein “the Fart”!  There was not a dry eye in the house after reading this name.  At first I thought, “This is a joke, no way would someone have that name”.  I guess he would be the opposite of William “the Conqueror”. 

King Eystein was thrown off his ship and died.  The following is a poem that someone wrote that made more tears flow. 

“King Eystein sat upon the poop
Of his good ship: with sudden swoop
The swinging boom dashed him to hell,
And fathoms deep the hero fell
Beneath the brine. The fury whirl
Of Loke, Tempest’s brother’s girl,
Grim Hel, clutched his soul away;
And now where Vodle’s ocean bay
Receives the ice-cold stream, the grave
Of Eystein stands — the good, the brave!”

If you could see me now…….:)

Poor ol’ Eystein.  I guess upon further investigation it was probably “The Fret”, but someone changed it to “fart”.  I believe that “fart” is more fitting so I will keep it as such.  My husband is now affectionately called Eystein.