I find it interesting how many things get out in the open during family meals.  Somethings are better left untold.  I would like to pretend that one of my children would NEVER do something like that.  Fact of the matter is, after 18 years of having a child around I am getting less and less surprised by some of the things they do.

For instance, I try extremely hard to teach my children manners.  I believe I have somewhat succeeded as far as my daughters go.  My sons…an entirely different story.  I have almost, and I will say almost because I will never get to the point where I put up with this, but I have almost gotten used to hearing sounds coming from the North and South end of both boys during meals.  When I say, “What do you say?”, I get the response, “That was a good one”.  Who teaches them this?  Not me, I taught them to say “Excuse me”.  They were really good as toddler’s but somewhere between two and twelve something dramatically changed.  Now is it extremely comical to them.  I blame a lot of this on scout camps.  Things go on there that mother’s should never know about.  Trust me, I have heard the stories.

Boys are so different than girls.  Girls usually like to be clean and smell good and can’t stand it if they haven’t showered for a day.  Boys, think it is an act of manhood if they can get something to grow off of the filth and mold attached to their bodies.  My son had friends over playing and I had to cram them all in the car to take them home.  I held my breath most of the way sucking in short amounts of air periodically so I wouldn’t pass out.  I do not know which of the five were not wearing deodorant, but it was horrible.  I went between many shades of blue.  Of course, this is funny to boys to gross out girls.  Why???  My husband will still do this to me.  He comes home from a long bike ride and thinks it is funny to throw his sweaty, stinky clothes on me. Yuck!