Most women are extremely fond of shoes.  There are the high-heel addicts, the flip-flop addicts, the athletic shoes addicts, the boot addicts etc., etc.  The list could go on for days.  I am admitting to an addiction of my own Chuck Taylors.  “Um, hello… name is Heidi and I haven’t bought a pair of Chucks for…..” (I am really not admitting to anything).  I won’t admit to how many pairs I have , nor do I care that I am an “older” woman.  I am still young at heart and that gives me the right to wear funky shoes.  Why can’t “vintage” people wear vintage clothes, right?  It all makes sense in my twisted mind.

The Converse All Star should be a staple in every gal’s closet.  You know, to go with the “little black dress”.  Better yet, pair the two of them together.  You would be the talk of the town.  Going against the curve, that is my motto.  I come home from church and put whatever pair I feel like wearing on and I don’t care if I am still wearing my dress.  My feet and I understand each other.  They give me what I want and I will give them what they want.  It is a great deal.

They even make the fashionable high top to keep you warm in the winter, and of course add about 10 funky points to your outfit!  You can find just about any color you would ever want.  If you wake up feeling like a super hero one morning…guess what, they have Chuck’s for that.  If you want to read a Dr. Suess book and have it match your outfit….they have Chuck’s for that.  If you are feeling grumpy you can put on your pair of Grinch shoes and just point to the feet.  People will understand and give you some space.  Let’s say that you want to wear your bib overalls to town and they are kind of ratty looking….they have Chuck’s that will match.  They even have chucks to match whatever Holiday you want to celebrate.  Easter, Christmas, Halloween…..  It is great!

I unfortunately have passed my addiction on to my daughters who have a few pair of their own, burgundy, brown, yellow, red/white, camo, glittery pink……They are like mashed potatoes and gravy, comfort food for the feet.  Forget the high heels, I swore off them years ago.  I don’t care of my calves look like yesterday’s garbage, I am going to have a happy back and happy feet. 

So here is to all the Chuck addicts in the world….”Live long and prosper” !

They even make them for the dogs!  Hey, dogs are people too.  In their own lay-around all day, sit-on-their-butt, eating-you-out-of-house-and home kind of way.  Let them have a little guilty pleasure too.