I have always been blessed it an abundance of hair.  It is genetics.  Most days it’s great, some days……not so much so.  My dear, sweet hairdresser had a baby and I have been waiting for her to come back to work so I can trim this giant massive shrub growing on my head.  Like Phil, I could probably find something up there I have been missing for a month. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was frustrated with the hair and my daughter tells me, “I have the best gel you can put in your hair to hold everything”.  Well, usually I question this child’s judgement when it comes to some fashion things but I used it anyway.  I should have turned and ran the minute I started putting it in my hair because my fingers started sticking together and I could actually smell glue.  I was beginning to wonder if it might actually be glue.  After blow drying the mess, I attempted to  put some curl in it.  For some strange reason the gel acted as cement and I could not get the curling iron out of my hair for a couple of  minutes.  I thought I was going to have to call in the “jaws of life” to cut it out before my scalp was fried right off of me.

I was mumbling under my breath wishing I had not just turned and “ran” the minute the fingers stuck.  I was running late for school and did not have time to wash the mess and start over.  As the day progressed, my hair got bigger and bigger.  I started feeling  like Diana Ross and began fighting urges to get up on my desk and bust out a song.  Perhaps “A Simple Thing Like Cry” would have been appropriate at the time.

I have to admit, this type of gel would be fantastic in high humidity climates.  Not so much so for dry ones.  When I did wash my hair, I could have sworn my daughter’s dog fell out of there.  I might have even noticed my neighbors 59 Chevy in there too.  Now, if I could drive by our local Chevy dealer and pick up a 2011 Camaro and have it get “accidentally” lost in the hair that gel might be worth all of the trouble it caused me.:)