I know that by admitting this, I am baring my soul to the world.  But I also know that I am a different person than what I used to be 20+ years ago.  So I have learned from my thoughtless reactions to certain things and have mellowed out in this area of my life.

To give an example of what I used to be like a few years ago, my mother and I used to take walks together a lot when I was a young adult 18 to be exact.  When we would take walks, I would load my pockets full of chestnuts and throw them at certain things while walking.  O.K. I would throw them at cats.  I had and still have a strong dislike for the feline species for reasons I won’t touch on.  This one particular day, my mother and I was crossing the main street in our town to get to the other side of the road.  This car load of teens came flying down the road.  We were in the meridian and they were heading straight  for us.  I believe they were trying  to scare us.  Which I have to admit worked.  Well out of nothing more than sheer adrenaline I grabbed a chestnut out of my pocket and threw it at them.  It went through the open window of the car and hit the kid in the back seat in the head.  My mother unawares of what I had just done, stood there with her mouth open at what they had just done to us.  I turned to her and said,”Mom I think we should run across the road…….now…. and as fast as we can”.  While running to the bank, I proceeded to tell her what I had just done.  We ducked down inside the bank hoping that the car didn’t come back looking for us.  My mother was shocked at what I had done, but I have to admit…..I got that feistiness from her side of the family.  I  have  heard the stories, I know.  I  think down deep she knew.

This leads up to the following story.  About 5 years later, I was married and had a couple of kids.  My  mother and I were on our way to the local Kmart.  It was a hot summer day and I had had a rough day with the kids.  When we got in the parking lot, I was driving around trying to find a close spot because it was easier with the kids.  I found one after a few minutes near the front and sat with my blinker on waiting for the car to pull out so I could  take their spot.  Just like lightning, a woman in a car came ripping around the corner and pulled into the spot without any thought of me sitting  there signaling.

My mom and I both sat there with out mouths open as she jumped out of her car and walked past us with a look on her face as to say, “Ha ha ha, got your spot”.  This really made me mad.  I will admit that.  It was rude and tasteless to do that to someone.  So I figured I would  repay a deed for a deed.  This is where the bad choice comes in.  My daughter had on a bad diaper and we decided to change it  before going into the store.  I grabbed the diaper to take and put into a garbage can outside the store because I didn’t want it smelling my car up.  As we walked past this car, I found myself throwing the dirty diaper through the sunroof of this “parking-spot stealing woman”.  It was if some magical force picked up my arm and made me throw it.  I was almost shocked myself that I did that.

My mother again stood with her mouth hanging open.  As I continued walking, I turned to my mother and told her that I hope the woman was in Kmart for a good long time so that the diaper had a good long time to get really ripe with the heat. 

I have repented of my ways.  I am slow to anger now-a-days and regret the feisty temper I had at a young age.  Children have a tendency to either mellow you out and teach patience or drive you over a cliff.  Mine has taught me patience, thank goodness.

Jump ahead to last week.  My father has a little apartment in a retirement center and we went to visit him for his birthday.  When we came out, I noticed something attached to the antenna of my car.  It was a dirty diaper.  For a split second I thought my prior transgressions had come back to haunt me.  Then I wondered if some poor old person had to change their Depends and had no place to put the soiled one.  When the shock passed, I realized that I had other family members that had been visiting my father too and that someone had totally pranked me.  Of course they all know the “diaper in the sunroof” story, so I am sure they all got a good laugh over it.  My only regret……I didn’t save it to put back in my sisters car on a nice hot summer day.  You know like the Bill Cosby story of the snowball in the freezer.  Waiting  until summer to get revenge.