I saw this story on our local news and I was literally moved to tears.  I have a very soft spot for children in my heart.  When I see stories like this, it just about kills me.  I am so inspired by this young man.  I feel very self-centered and selfish when watching this.  

I get up some mornings  wishing that I had a different body, different hair, less wrinkles and less gray hair and various other complaints.  I truly forget just how many things I have going for me in my life.  We are warm when it is cold and have a roof over our heads.  All of my children are healthy and happy, my marriage is fantastic, my extended family members are healthy and happy.  What more could I ask for?  These are truly the only things that matter to me in my life, because these relationships are forever. 

How can I be so ungrateful?  This little guy struggles with all these trials and does it with a smile on his face.  He is my hero. I cannot begin to understand the depth of  pain that being burned like  that can feel like and living  with that day in and day out.  My heart aches for him and the loss of his parents.  I can only  hope that those that view  this will make a decision from this day forward to be more grateful for what they have in life and realize that there are more important things than the material  things we surround ourselves with daily.  They are cold and compassionless things that will never give us true happiness.  The love of family and the kindess and love we show to those around us are what truly brings happiness to our lives.  They make us better people and those we interact with better people.  Reach out to those less fortunate than yourself.  Look beyond your own “bubble” and see who is in need of your help and love.  Let’s all try to be better people. 

I encourage everyone to watch the video and click on the link to see more about this amazing young man.

Burn victim’s recovery, resilience inspiring those around him – ksl.com.