So, I am always looking for a little target practice.  My neighbor’s cow hasn’t been in the yard for a couple of days, so I decided to practice on the kids.  No worries…No Child or Mother was hurt during the filming of this video.

 This week has been spring break for my kids and I and it has also snowed most of those days.  YuCk!  So we had to get creative to find fun indoors.  Other than playing WWE with my sons, our other activity consisted of Nerf target practice.  Couldn’t get too many takers on this activity.  It is because they are all scared of me and my aim.

The anticipation of getting hit is almost worst than actually getting hit.  There is one rule: You can’t move, that is cheating.  Other than that you can shoot at anything that has air coming out of it.  For safety reasons, we do have to wear goggles because for some reason head shots are extremely popular.

Nerf Raider is the best for this because you don’t have to keep reloading every 3 shots and you can unload in a hurry if you want.  I just about wet my “depends” laughing so hard.  My son has a pretty wicked shot and the anticipation of getting one in the eye was about killing me.  I am just glad he didn’t unload every nerf gun he owns on me.  I am proud to say, “I took it like man