I grew up in a house full of pranksters.  I am not entirely sure which side of the family this came from, but I would guess most of that was my mother’s side.  She told many a story about my grandfather and his outhouse tipping days.  One particular story was  of a particular gentleman that lived in their area who had a rather ornery nature and so the young men in the town decided to have some “fun”.  They had pranked this poor old man so many times that he would take his shotgun with him to the outhouse.  This particular day, my grandfather and a couple of his buddies were waiting for him.  When he went into the outhouse to do his duty, they jumped from the bushes with rope and tied the door shut then tipped over the outhouse.  The poor man was sticking his shotgun through the moon on the door threatening the perpetrators if they didn’t let him out.  Not sure  how long he was there before being found.  I don’t recall any stories of them getting him out.

I remember being at a family reunion and we went back to my mother’s hometown and my great-grandmother’s house still had an outhouse.  No indoor plumbing.  My aunt decided to use the outhouse.  Her two sisters, one being my mother, decided to try to tip over the outhouse.  My aunt was not happy with them.  I add my mother’s involvement because I have two brother’s that do these types of things to people.  It was not good that there were five of us girls in the house with two older brothers who enjoyed nothing more than seeing us squirm.

When I was 10 years old, one of my brothers had a week off from work.  It was the middle of winter and he was bored.  This was one of the most miserable weeks of my life, yet one of the most memorable of my childhood.  Every day I would come home from school and find that my brother had done something to someone.  We had an unfinished basement and we all slept on metal framed army cots.  My brother nailed all of the beds to the ceiling. 

Then one night he hid a fake rattlesnake in my sister’s bed and hid under it with real rattlesnake rattlers.  I think I suffer from some hearing loss after that incident.  Another night we found out how well my brother could sew when we all found the necks and arms of our pajamas sewed shut. 

After a couple of days of this, us girls decided that we were going to get even.  My  brother always went to the gym, so we filled his gym bag full of bras, pantyhose and other various women’s apparel.  That one went over good when he went to pull out his gym clothes and those things fell out.

Then we took and made a makeshift clothesline on the roof of the house, (this was in the winter mind you and we had about a foot of snow or more) and hung all of my brother’s clothes on it and put his bed on the roof of the house. 

Not all pranks went as well as we would have hoped.  My sister pulled the old “put a pair of shoes over the door frame” prank.  This is where you balance a pair of shoes on top of a door and the frame thus hitting the unsuspecting person who opened the door in the head with the shoes.  This particular day, my sister was actually trying to get my brother and she forgot they were on the door.  A repairman came to fix the phone or something and opened the door only to get hit in the head with the pair of shoes.  She blamed her little sisters for that one.

My sister and I decided to be funny and we built a lovely snowman in the front yard  and instead of a broom, we put a toilet plunger in the snowman’s hand.  Of all that was done this week, this offended my poor southern bred father like nothing else.  I just wasn’t proper to do something like that.  I have often laughed about that.  I remember waiting with my sister inside the house looking out the window to see the reaction we would get from my father.  We thought he would take it all in stride like everything else that week, but we were wrong.  We had crossed the line by exposing the family toilet plunger to the public.  I guess we learned that day what lines not to cross.

Even though my brothers live across the country, they still find ways to prank the family.  Case in point:  I had a niece that got married and my  brother was not able to make it to the wedding.  The unsuspecting groom had never met my brother and did not know what he looked like.  He came to town one week and we decided to have a family get together to visit with him.  It was decided that we should prank  the newest member of the family.  My brother is an avid gun owner and works for the military.  He also is CIA certified.  This background gave us a grand idea. 

We were all sitting at my sister’s house having a grand old-time.  A knock came on the door.  My sister answered the door and it was my brother dressed as he always dresses, guns in every nook and cranny of his body.  He asked for my nephew-in-law.  This is where the prank began.  He proceeded to tell him that he had information regarding a certain family my nephew had met while serving an LDS mission in Canada.  (I might add that my nephew-in-laws family was in on the prank)  This family “supposedly” had ties to terrorism and they had information that my nephew was involved somehow.  As the story progressed, my niece’s husband was so scared he was almost in tears.  My brother escorted  him out of the house and to his car to take him in for “questioning”.  My hardcore prankster brother even was having a hard time with how this was affecting my nephew.  He got about 2 miles away from my sister’s house when he had to fess up to what was going on.

We were all waiting in the family room for him when he came  in.  Of course the house shook off the foundation from laughter when we saw him walk in.  unbeknownst to us, my nephew-in-law has a family full of pranksters too so we have all had our share of paybacks.

It was epic and as to date the best prank ever pulled.