If anyone is familiar with the TV show “The Middle” then you will understand having a “Heck” moment.  One of their recent episodes was about them going on spring break and got a call from a neighbor that someone had broken in to their house and ransacked the place.  The Heck’s came back from Spring break vacation to find the cops there going over things.  The Heck’s realized that the house looked exactly the same as it did when they left…A huge mess.  Then everything went crazy from there on out.  You know if you possess the last name Heck that your day is going to go to pot really quick.  As did mine this morning.

We woke up  this morning as any normal morning.  I was in a good mood, the kids were dragging their butts out of bed as usual.  It was 5:45 a.m., so I will cut them some slack.  The first sign of trouble was when my daughter screams, “Don’t we have any hot water?”.  It went downhill from that point on.  I guess the wind blew out our pilot light on our hot water heater last night and no one knew except for my son who showered last night and ran out of hot water, but didn’t think to tell anyone.

I am scrambling to find matches that my children refuse to quit playing with.  Lucky for them I happened to find a couple.  I only had two chances to get the pilot light lit.   Thank goodness I got it on the first try.  My daughter thought there would be instant hot water.  After finding out that it would be a few hours before there was hot water her next comment was, “I refuse to go to school without a shower”.  I found her in back in bed.  This was not good.  I told myself…”Choose your battles, Heidi”.  After trying to calmly tell her that all of us would be leaving the house skanky smelling and that she was not alone,  I counted to twenty.  Hormones are seriously going to be the death of me. 

Of course, the power company had to be working on the power yesterday and had it shut down for most of the day.  I didn’t get anything done so we had no clean dishes.  I had no hot water to wash some so we were eating out of pretty much whatever I could find.  Shoes, mixing bowls, pans….whatever was available.

My daughter then decided she couldn’t miss school grabbed everything to head to school.  This was great except for one thing…….She had taken my make-up to put on when she got to school.  Did I have anything to cover my wrinkly, old face this morning???  NO!  No amount of counting was getting me out of this one.  My husband realized at this point it was best to stay out of my way and to add a please and thank you once in a while in passing.  I smell like last weeks laundry, my hair looks like carp and now my face will too.  This is going to be the greatest day of my life! (Insert sarcasm).