My “nerd” status has just hit an all time high today.  If there is one notch below  or above the “nerd” scale, I have just joined the ranks.  Just ask my daughter who I have completely humiliated today. Not to mention what I did to myself.

I was helping her with a homework project.  We went to her college to take pictures.  Spirits were high and smiles were from ear to ear!  Then, epic failure…..I proceeded to climb over a cement wall to take a short cut up a hill and totally underestimated the height of the wall.

One thought entered my mind as I was “swan diving” to the groud……”Any chance of my daughter having a normal college life has just come to an abrupt end”.  Why is it when you wake up one morning and decide you are going to make a fool of yourself, you can’t have a say in how many people or who can witness the stupid act.  I feel if I am going to do that, to be fair I should have a say in it somehow.

At 42, you are nowhere near as resilient as you were when you were say, 39.  Something about hitting 40 does something horrible to your body.  I can honestly say that the last time I was this banged up was when I was running with a wheelbarrow and the front hit cement bringing it to an abrupt stop.  My shins never fully recovered from that.  I don’t complain about an “old football” injury….mine is an “old wheelbarrow” injury.  I could probably add in there skiing, roller skating, biking…….What is up with me and cement anyway?

As I lay on the side of the wall waiting for my injured legs to get feeling in them again, I  couldn’t help but laugh.  I have to admit, that had to have been pretty funny looking.  I am sure that the story will find its way around campus how someone eyewitnessed a lady totally biffing it on the wall.

Go ahead young ones, talk all you want.  I will sit with my 5 ounce raw steaks and ice packs on my propped up legs, drinking my chocolate milk and hoping that I totally made your day!