The following is an example of why we are dog people at my house.  No offense to cat lovers, but I have never been fond of the feline species.  I went to a woman’s house with my mother once.  I was four years old.  One might ask how I could remember stuff that long ago.  It was because it SCARRED me for life.  This woman had 50 cats.  They all lived in her house.  As my mother visited with this woman, I watched the cats climb all over the kitchen cubboards, in the silverware drawers, on the dishes and furniture.  The house smelled like……no matter how hard I think there are no words for it.  I remember my mom having to go to this house more than once and because I wasn’t in school yet, I had to tag along.  This one day I distinctly remember putting my feet into the ground and absolutely refusing to go in.  My mom understood, but I couldn’t be left outside alone.  That is why I don’t like cats.  So to all you dog lovers…we will now know why “Lassie” was about a dog!  If you can’t see the video, click the link.