Have you ever been somewhere and saw something that made you stop dead in your tracks and say, “What?”?  You have seen something either so funny, so disturbing or otherwise that has completely caught you off guard.

Well that happened to me today.  We went to my sister’s house.  This town is boring.  Sorry sister, but it is boring.  I think they have one restaurant, one fast food joint, one gas station and one car repair shop. 

The restaurant is a little Mexican food restaurant and many times we have joked within our own family how that we would not want to use the restroom in a mexican food restaurant.  I am sure you could guess that reasoning behind this.  I wouldn’t even want to be seated anywhere near the restrooms.

Today while passing this little restaurant, I saw a truck parked in the parking lot that was painted bright yellow.  The color is what caught my attention.  Then I read the writing on the truck.  It was a septic tank pumping truck and the business was called “The Stool Bus”. 

We almost went off the road we were laughing so hard.  Then I asked my kids, what would possess someone to name their business something like that.  Of course, I am from New Mexico the business is out of New Mexico and so my children told me that that explained a lot.

I guess some might call this “creative advertising”.  I guess so, that truck will ever be branded into my mind.  I will be laughing about that for days to come.  Pretty sure I won’t forget that name of that business for awhile.  Give the ad man a raise!