Have you ever had one of those weeks……?  This has been my “one of those weeks”.  So we have been planning for over a month now to go to our local amusement park.  This was going to be the “Big” outing for the summer.  The kids were so excited because we haven’t done anything “fun” for a while.  A week ago last Friday, my daughter comes in and tells me that she is not feeling well.  She has been under a lot of stress, so I thought perhaps that she would get better.  For the last few Sunday’s I have been playing the piano for her and three other kids to sing for different congregations for our church.  Sunday was to be the last Sunday.  I got up early and was getting ready when she came in and started talking to me.  All of a sudden she said, “I really don’t feel good”.  I looked over at her to literally see the color drain out of her face.  She ran to the bathroom immediately.

Panic started sitting in.  I had approximately 30 minutes to get to the church and now I was looking at having to play the piano and sing my daughter’s part at the same time which was alto and which I had never sang before.  She frantically called someone and to no avail, we had no other options.  Then miraculously, a girl called that she had been trying to get for a couple of weeks and said she could play the piano.  This was great, but we weren’t sure she would make it on time.

I “crammed for the exam” and hoped that I would not hit any wrong notes.  We got to the church and finally about 5 minutes after the meeting started, all parties involved in the song made it.  I was greatly relieved, although I was starting to have side effects from the stress of the morning which continued throughout the day.

My daughter was still sick come Tuesday.  At this point, I was wondering what was going on.  Wednesday morning, I saw my husband only as he was shutting the bathroom door.  He had been puking all night at work and was very sick.  I am beginning to wonder at this point if we were going to make it to the family outing.

One of my sons had been sick with a bad cold for a few days, he went ice skating Friday night and when I picked him up, he informed me that he had just puked.  This was yesterday.  Today was our family outing.  Well, to follow the vicious cycle of the flu, I started getting sick Friday night and was not well Saturday morning.  At this point, three of the six of us are sick.  We can’t refund the tickets and I didn’t want them to go to waste.  I told my two healthy children and my husband to go ahead and go. They reluctantly left the sick and the afflicted at home.  Everyone near tears because it just wasn’t the same.  The three of us laid around the TV moaning and groaning and then we get a call about two hours later.  When the other half of the family arrived at the amusement park, my son decided to free jump a small fence and missed.  Needless to say, he left his DNA all over the sidewalk and had to spend time in the first aid office for them to check to see if the nose was broke.  Which, it is still undetermined.  When the swelling goes down, perhaps then we will be able to tell.

As I sat there pondering how the week before our “summer getaway” had gone, I was nearly brought to tears.  We have had a few family outings like this.  I am wondering if it is a sign or something.  Perhaps planning ahead is not the best plan.  Some plans just go that way and we just have to find the silver lining in the bad. Right now that lining is looking very ugly.  Kind of like the toilet bowl that I have been spending so much time with lately.

I think I can safely say, that the bathrooms are the most hated AND loved rooms in the house.  This will be the plaque I hang on the wall, “Bring a cot, stay awhile”.  This week has to go better.