Every holiday is great because it is a holiday.  Besides Christmas and 4th of July, Halloween is the best!  What is better than being able to act like an idiot, or act like a fool and get away with it.  I love it when you are driving down the street and see Santa Clause driving in the car next to you.

When my kids were younger, we dressed up with them to take them trick-or-treating.  This took some real coaxing with my husband at first.  The first costume I had him wear was an old lady dress, etc.  When he walked out of the room, he looked so much like his mother (may she rest in peace) that it nearly creeped me out.  Something happened, I don’t know how or when but it has become tradition to dress up in as a family and we usually have some theme or another.  Like one year we picked up some walkers at a local thrift store and we borrowed my sister’s mother-in-law’s wheelchair and oxygen tank.  She didn’t need them, or we wouldn’t have borrowed them.  Then we dressed the boys up like old ladies and the girls up as old men.  Then one of my daughters dressed up as Dr. Kavorkian.  It was kind of demented but funny at the same time.

Or there was one of our favorites when I borrowed an old van of my dad’s and painted it to look like the mystery machine and we all went as Scooby Doo and the gang.  We had people stop by the house wanting to have their pictures taken with it. 

Then one year we went as Fat Albert and the gang, another year as Napoleon Dynamite characters.  We even dressed our pug up as a tator tot to go with the overall theme.  We have gone as the Beverly Hillbillies, Rock Stars, Star War Characters, Historical characters, Nerds, ZZ Top, Hippies….the list goes on.  We usually keep it a secret until just before Halloween.  This year we have already started gathering costumes for our big debut.  It is going to be great! 

I will add some pics of our other costumes throughout the years.  It seems like we have to outdo ourselves each year.  It is so much fun and it is one family tradition that I think I will never grow out of.  I can’t wait for this year!