I consider myself a non-revengeful person.  At least most of the time.  I did something a few days ago that would be considered revengeful.  Am I proud of it?  Not sure yet.  Along with the Kirby vacuum scam-a-marketers, I have also been receiving phone numbers from a diabetic company, or so they claim.  I can’t find any diabetic company with this phone number.

I have checked with the Better Business Bureau, Internet searches up the ying-yang and it produces nothing.  They keep calling over and over.  I keep hanging up over and over.  So today, I received another call from them.  I decided enough was enough.  After doing a few searches, it is the consensus of the majority that these people are trying to scam people out of money.  So I decided that I was going to get even.

I *67 ed and dialed the number.  After going through the whole computer automated message, I pushed #1.  That was the number to push to get a live person.  As I sat with anticipation for a real person to answer, I began to get a little smile on the face knowing full well what I was about to do.

Well, “Shirley” answered the phone and I pushed “mute” and just sat there not saying a word.  When I hung up, an evil little giggle erupted from my throat.  I should have stopped at that point, but revenge took over and a called repeatedly a few times with the same reaction.  Sometimes getting the same person, sometimes not. 

I  found it very liberating.  Perhaps while I kept them busy answering the phone, that was a few less people they could scam.  Do I feel guilty, no.

It reminded me of the day my son watched the infommercial on the Amish fireplace.  We had wondered how the Amish would be seen on TV given they don’t do electronics, etc.  While we were laughing and thinking how they roped the poor Amish into doing this, if they even were real Amish my son had decided to call the ordering phone number and have a word with them about their advertising.  The conversation went something like this, “I thought it was against Amish beliefs to be on TV?  How can it be an Amish fireplace if the Amish don’t believe in using electicity?”  I guess he went on and on frustrating the customer service agent to no end.  I was unaware of this happening until after the fact.  So I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

I don’t know the process these jokers go through to get everybody and their dog’s phone numbers.  Drives me insane.  Scam artist can get away with abusing the Do Not Call List, because the phone numbers they use are linked to someone else.  It is a complete rip-off people!