Have you ever had those days when your children walk through the door laughing and you ask what is so funny and then wished you hadn’t asked?  I am afraid that this happens more at my house than what it should. 

Last week, my 14-year-old son decided to purchase himself a wheelchair at a garage sell.  Now you might be asking yourself why….I did too.  I was informed that it was best I didn’t know.  Well, as long as you are 14 and living in my house, It is my business to know.  After a few minutes of interrogation he told me that he wanted it for him and his buddy to ride down some hills near our home.  This made me cringe honestly.  At the end of our hills is a river.  I talked him out of doing it only to find out the next day he and his buddy went and bought it.  It was his own money, so I guess if that is what he wants to spend it on.

The first attempt at downhill riding almost landed my son in the river.  He came home laughing about the whole thing.  I just shook my head.  I wonder when people  drive by my home what they think.  I have a wheelchair parked in the driveway, I have a shopping cart that was abandoned that my daughter “just had to have”.  I can’t begin to tell you what else is out there.  We live in the country, sometimes you have to make your own fun.  I guess this is their idea of making it.

I am reminded of the Little House on The Prairie episode where Nellie is pretending to be injured, but isn’t and Lara is onto her and shoves her down a hill to prove she is not hurt.  I am reminded of this scene when my son tells me he wants to go for a ride in the “Chair”. Little House Episode: http://youtu.be/q7yZuf4PXts

Well last night was one of those nights that I wished I hadn’t really asked what was so funny.  I had a meeting at our church last night and my kids were supposed to be up there an hour after I got there.  My son decided that his transportation to the church would be his wheelchair.  My other son rode his unicycle.  My daughter was coming from town and was in her car.  I left the church after our youth activities and came home early while “wheelchair boy” and his sister stayed a little longer to play basketball.  I should have known that leaving those two together alone would be a mistake.  They are trouble like none other.  Very mischievous. 

I asked my older son if he could see my other son coming from the church on the wheelchair.  (We only live a block up from the church).  He said he could hear him.  He never showed.  I asked my son to check again to make sure he was coming.  No where to be seen.  Not long after, he and my daughter came into the house laughing their heads off, but yet trying to hide it from me.  Of course, but the look on their faces I knew they had done something that they shouldn’t have done.

To make a short story long, my son decided he was way to tired to wheel his “ride” home and came up with a “brilliant” idea to help that.  He and my daughter took a towel out of her car and slammed one end of the towel into the trunk of her car and then he hung onto the other end while in his wheelchair.

The first corner you come to to come to our house is fairly sharp and when the car turned the corner, the wheelchair didn’t turn as good and basically sent my son flying through the air.  I really  hoped no one saw this and followed them to our house.  I was afraid I would get DCFS called on me for poor parenting.  Of course, I lectured half the night on how dangerous this was and how something could have happened and then in the back of my mind picturing the whole corner incident probably would have made me laugh and laugh hard.  Just seeing him coming down the road like that makes me want to laugh, but I won’t.  I am a responsible parent.  At least I will keep telling myself that as I secretly wished I had viewed this whole incident.