Years ago, I got a canopy bed frame from my sister.  She didn’t want it anymore and I thought it had potential.  It wasn’t until a couple of months later where I realized that this bed frame was a health hazard.  The poles for the canopy had a way of working themselves loose.  I knew that either my husband or I was going to get a concussion during the night and never know what hit us.  So I got rid of the canopy and kept the frame with the footboard and headboard.

This setup became known as the “Shinwhacker 2000”.  My husband gets up early to go to work.  I cannot begin to tell you how many time I was nearly knocked out of the bed by him running into the foot of the bed frame.  It stuck out 2 1/2 inches further than the mattress so it was somewhat deceiving.  I on the other hand hit it once to realize I needed to swing wide to miss it.  Thus entirely missing the bed frame and saving my poor shins from massive bruising.

Many times it brought blood from my husband, so I decided to get rid of it to save from him having to get a transfusion.  We went for years without a frame.  Just a sad, poor, lonely mattress with no place to call home until…………

We have a thrift store called Deseret Industries.  This store is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is a fantastic business.  People donated used items that they no longer need and the church resells these items at lower costs.  It helps people afford things that they wouldn’t be able to normally afford and it also is a work experience business.  The church gives people temporary jobs until the person can find a full-time job.  They offer a paycheck and also have people working with them on their resumes and also their abilities to help find full-time employment.

Deseret Industries is both a nonprofit, vocational rehabilitation facility and a thrift store.

Deseret Industries is composed of three related parts. First, trainees work, receive training, and find long-term employment. Second, the public may purchase inexpensive, quality merchandise in a clean, safe retail environment. To those in need, merchandise is provided at no cost. Third, all people may provide meaningful service through the donation of time and merchandise.

Many people with disabilities find work at the Deseret Industries which helps them feel like they are helping themselves.  It is a great program.  They even ship stuff to third world countries to people in need and do not charge the people for the stuff.  So when you shop or donate there you are helping others in many ways.

Anyway….I dropped off some clothes at the donation dock there the other day and my boys wanted to go check out stuff inside.  We were looking around and I happened to notice something that caught my eye.  I wandered over to the bed frames and to my eye’s surprise….I see a bed frame just like what I have been wanting for years.  This frame has always been something that was out of my budget.  Just can’t justify spending $1000 or more on a bed frame.  When I saw the price…..I could not pass it up.  They were selling it for $48.

It is the kind of frame that sits high off the floor.  It has 5in square posts on the head-board and foot board.  The head-board is padded and is trimmed with a silver rope design.  I do feel sorry for the poor couple I beat to the purchase of it.  They wanted it too.  I just happened to see it first.  I feel bad for them, I really do.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I thank the kind soul that donated it to the DI.  I will love you forever, whoever you are!  My husband will again have realign his thinking on where not to walk.  I think he hit the frame last night.  Maybe it isn’t the bed at all, maybe my husband needs a homing device attached to let him know where things are in the dark.  You know…like bats.

The Deseret Industries are located in the following states.  Click the link for addresses and hours.

The frame looks kind of like this only it isn’t a canopy, the foot posts are about 6 inches higher than the mattress and they are square.  The posts at the head are square also and are as tall as these in the pic.  Pretty cool.  Oh, and it is black! I love it!