So some of you know that I broke my toe three weeks ago.  I keep hitting it and it is beginning to annoy me.  Yesterday, I really did a good one on it.

My son and I were discussing how that you never hit your toe or anything until it is broken and then it becomes a magnet for every object in the house and then some.

Yesterday, I was getting some groceries and in my attempt to hurry and get the cart into the checkout lane, I ran my toe over.  It took just about every ounce of stamina I had to pay for the food and get out before I screamed out in pain.  It hurt so bad that I was laughing.  I don’t know how many people laugh when they get hurt…I have a tendency to do that only it borders really close to tears.

I am on the way out of the store and my sons are talking and I am ” laughing” in pain and finally they asked what was wrong.  Of course they showed about 3 seconds of compassion and then both started laughing. 

I have been wearing this stupid boot like thing to relieve the pressure and it exposes my toes.  Well last night I had to go get my son and walked across my lawn in the dark and stepped on a thistle which….you guessed it…stung all the exposed toes including the broken one.  I jumped in surprise from the pain, thus hurting my toe again. 

Needless to say, I was in a not so happy mood last night.  My toe is going to come out looking like the most messed up, gnarled up thing anyone has ever seen. I wanted to add a pic for this post, but to tell you the truth every picture I looked at of a broken toe gave me dry heaves.  Can’t do it.

I hate having physical restrictions and this is driving me nuts.  I am on the verge of “going postal”.  That is just a warning to my neighbors.  I might just start shooting things to make me feel better.  I haven’t done that in a while and it is good therapy. Consider yourselves warned.