Have you ever looked down upon someone because they seemed redneck and then turn and prove to the world that you yourself could could possibly be the ultimate redneck hands down?  It always comes back to bite you in the butt.  Always!  Best not to talk about people.

We water in our area with irrigation.  We have been patiently waiting to get water and finally when the ditch was full, I flooded the yard.  We had a nice little pond in the front.  Made me want to throw in a couple of ducks.

My two “wheelchair” children decided they were going to go cool off.  Now….I have found things in the past years floating in this water that would turn your stomach.  One year we ended up with a big, rotted carp laying in the yard and then there was the year the bloated skunk came floating through the culvert.  It made my stomach turn to think these two children wanted to play in the water.

After giving them the warning to not get water in the mouth, etc. and to make sure they showered after getting out of the water they were off for some fun.

A few minutes later I heard suspicious laughing.  That is never good when these two are involved.  I looked out the window and they had gotten my other son’s wooden boat out of the shed and was floating around the front yard.  They were pushing and pulling each other.

I guess this was not enough “speed” for them so they decided they were going to go across the street, put the boat in the irrigation ditch and float down.  They took a Lacrosse stick and duct taped a paddle to the end so they could row the boat.

I am sure at this point in our lives, no one around here has to ask..”Whose kids are those?”  If someone is going to do something totally nuts and crazy, it will be my children.  Not sure how this went.  I didn’t even look out the window.  Some things are better if you pretend they didn’t happen.

I have been warned that my two boys are planning a  stunt of riding down the road on their unicycles in their Halloween costumes………………(the dots represent a very long silent pause).  Even with costumes on, everyone will know they are my kids.

I can run, but I cannot hide.  AAAAHHH.