So yesterday, after medicating myself, I decided to break it to my husband what his Halloween costume was going to be this year.  It involves wearing tights with a built-in speedo and a mask, hence…the medication.  I made him promise me that he would wear it before I told  him what it was.  So I have his word.   The look he gave me was indescribable.  I asked him to model for us.  He declined and so I put  it on my son.  It has major muscles built into it.  My husband looked at it like, “I can’t believe I just promised to wear this”.

Well later in the evening, I happened upon the kids urging him to try it on.  He got  the costume on and I had to leave the room because I was laughing too hard.  Well, I heard one of my kids dare him to run to the mailbox and back.  This is about 150 feet from the front door.  I yelled from the kitchen that I Double Dog Dared him.

As I walked back into the front room, he was walking out the door.  I couldn’t  believe he was going to do it.  Just as he got out the front door, my daughter locked him out.  I looked out the window to see the neighbors pulling out of their driveway.  My husband started to panic as he realized the door was locked.  He was yelling to let  him in as all of us was laughing our heads off.  Finally I told my daughter she better let him in.  The minute she unlocked the door, she took off faster than a cat caught in the garbage.

My poor husband.  I think  had he known our lives would have come to this later on down the road he might not have married me.  I think I am too much to handle at times.  The thing that baffles me is this…..he should have known that the minute he walked out the door, that our children would have pulled something on him.  There is no way I would have walked out that door.  I can’t trust them.  It did not surprise me at all that my daughter did that.  They are too much like me in that aspect.

So, Halloween…look out, here we come.  By the way, does anyone have a convertible Cadillac with fins?  I need to borrow one.