I have two children that I don’t worry one bit about if I have to be away from home for an extended period of time.  My other two children………….(insert awkward pause).  My oldest daughter and oldest son are pretty safe kids who don’t do anything stupid to hurt themselves.  My second daughter and second son are exact clones of Evel Knievel.  The things these two children come up with that they call “having fun” is about to put me in my grave at a very early age.

Yesterday, for instance, I had to take my dad to a doctor’s appointment.  It was a two-hour drive.  It was the children’s last day of “freedom” so they say because school started today.  My daughter informed me, before I left, that she and her friend were going to have a day of fun before school starts.  I inwardly cringed.  My internal thought was, “Great, the cops won’t be able to find me when something happens”.

Later in the day, I called to make sure that the house was still standing and that no one was in need of medical attention.  My daughter wanted to talk to me.  When she got on the phone her first words were, “Oh my heck Mom!  You are never going to believe what happened to Kristen and I”.  (Insert awkward, “I don’t want to know” pause here).

The university in our town has a hill called Old Main.  Many things have happened on this hill.  Tubing, ice blocking, water sliding.  It has such a steep slope that it is useful for many activities requiring a hill.  Some legal…..some maybe  not-so-legal.

My daughter and her friend did something on it this hill that #1.  Probably wouldn’t have been approved of if they got caught.  #2.  Dangerous  #3.  Pretty much insane #4.  Glad that my son was not with her.

These two lovely young ladies “borrowed” one of my son’s most prized posessions….his wheelchair he bought at a garage sale.  My daughter does not want him knowing  for fear of suffering “death by unicycle”.  They took it to Old Main hill and thought they would ride it down while videotaping it.  The first couple of times went uneventful and then came the third….

My daughter sat in the seat with the video going, while her friend stood on the pegs in the back.  As  they started down the hill, the wheelchair started popping a wheelie.  This set off a chain reaction of events.  In attempting to correct the problem they lost control of the wheelchair.  My  daughter was thrown off taking a huge patch of grass with her.  Rolling uncontrollably down the hill, while the wheelchair and friend both did an endo and ended up on top of each other.

These two did not realize that the wheelchair had brakes. Not like it would have done them any good at that rate of speed anyway.

This performance was done in front of a live studio audience of onlookers.  Why do something stupid if someone doesn’t see you do it right?  I just hope and pray that when my “safe” daughter goes to her college newspaper staff meeting that she doesn’t find her sister as a topic of discussion.  If this happens and the Editor finds out they are sisters……(This is where my “safe” daughter inserts an awkward pause.)

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