A few months back, I took a concealed weapons class to get my permit.  I know…this may be disturbing on many levels  to those that know me.  But…I did pass the background check.

I was so excited to get my card.  When it arrived in the mail, I thought to myself…”Wow, just post a number across my chest and this would look like a mug shot”.  The class started at 8:00 a.m. and I didn’t sleep good the night before.  When we were told we would take our pictures first thing I was as excited as having an ice pick shoved under a toenail. Make that under my broken toe’s nail.

I seriously looked like I was on something.  It was a horrible picture and they didn’t spend anything on the camera or lighting to help with the pic.  By far worse than the infamous driver’s license photo.

I remember thinking when I got it how much it looked like my driver’s license in size, shape and even looks.  Many times I almost pulled it out of my wallet instead of my DL.

Well…for the awkward moment.  My sons had to cash a check at the bank and because they were minors, I need to come in and show I.D.  I got out driver’s license and laid it down only to see it was my CWP ID after getting an odd look from the teller.

Now, all of a sudden many thoughts ran through my head after the odd look.  The thought occurred that here I was in a bank showing the teller that I could possibly be packing heat.  Which I wasn’t at the time.  This bank had been robbed before, so you never know what someone is thinking that works there.

When I looked at her face and realized what I had done, I quickly said, “Oooops” and got out the DL. 

I have a very active imagination and was seriously hoping that I got out of the bank without incident.  What a stupid thing to do.