One day the kids and I were sitting around talking about what strange things we could do with body parts.  None of us were prepared for my daughter’s response, “I can do the Live Long and Prosper” sign that Spock does on Star Trek.  We are all thinking, O.K. a lot of us can do this until she says, “with my toes”.  What?  I didn’t believe it.

Sure enough, she rips off her shoe and does it.  After we all laughed our guts out. My husband attempted to do this with his hand.  He was still trying to do it after an hour.  So I am pretty sure this talent comes from my side of the family.

I begged her to let me take a picture to post, but I guess the world is not quiet ready to be exposed to this kind of talent.  She adamantly refused. Wasn’t happening.

My sister has the ability to do the “Hang Ten” with her toes.  I have the ability to break mine, so I am not anywhere near their league.  But I do have a special talent.  I like to prank.  The kids have become my target this week.  Every once in awhile I have to pull something out so that they don’t get to comfortable.

My daughter came home from school yesterday with this weed stuck to the front of her car.  It does make me wonder it where came from.  Anyway this morning I thought I would have a little fun and gussy up her car.

My only hope is that she actually makes it to school and work with this thing still attached.  That would make my day.

Yesterday I graffitied my other daughter’s car while she was in school.  I drew her nickname all over the back and other various art in fluorescent colors.  It was great!  We call her Crazy Feathers because of her hair.  She can have to wildest hair in the morning. I have seen only my hair to compare and then it has paled in comparison to hers.

The boys are next.  The wheels are turning.

My son snuck contraband into his school locker. It was a case of root beer.  I could go and shake up all the cans and then see what happens.  I just hope that the dope sniffing dogs don’t have a thing against root beer.

I do have something really good planned for these two.  I just have to wait a week to pull it off.  So in the meantime, I will do a very special surprise for my husband. (Insert evil grin)

This is really therapy for the soul.  Nothing that gets you up and moving like a good prank!  It has been determined that it lowers your cholesterol and burns calories.