My husband will probably never forgive me for doing this to him.  There are some people (that would be me) who should have a background check run on them before ever being able to get their hands on Photoshop. (Insert innocent smile)

He did have an afro in the 70’s.  I have seen pictures.  It just wasn’t this big or this tight.  He has been blessed with naturally curly hair.  Although he may not think so.

Anyway, I decided this morning that my husband has been totally under utilized for some of his deeply hidden talents.

A few years ago, one of our local radio stations had a contest every Friday where they would fast forward a classic rock song and whoever was the 9th caller with the correct answer would win $100.  Well, my husband has this unique talent like none other that he knew about 98.7% of the songs.  It was just being the right caller.

Over the course of a few months, we raked in $500 until we found out that you could only win once.  Oooops!  We would then call all relatives when the contest would be on and Jay would tell them the song and have them call in.  Family members won another $400 from that.

I don’t know how he does it, but he is this giant plethora of information when it comes to music.  I NEVER know the name of the song, let alone the band and I absolutely love music.  He could probably tell you what size of shoes the band members wore.  O.K. that was an exaggeration, but he just knows information that not many people know.  He kicks butt on Jeopardy when there are music questions.

Yesterday, my sister called all up on a lather because of a song she needed to know, but couldn’t think of the name of it.  She asked for “The Man”, but to her dismay he was at work.  She called me at the butt-crack of dawn this morning because it drove her nuts all night trying to find the name of the song.  While we were talking, my husband came home and I handed the phone to him.  Not even 1 minute into the conversation he told her the name of the song.  Weird!  I had never heard of it.  The name of the song….”Hocus Pocus” by a band named Focus.  What?  Who knows this stuff?

He is totally under utilized.  Someone needs to bring back “Name That Tune” and then my husband will be the first in line to win us our retirement.  He is amazing!  He has also genetically passed on his ability to my daughter who is going to turn out just like him. 

Here is the link to the song for your enjoyment:  This is hilarious.  Not sure what this guy is on.