I have such an adorable son.  Well two actually, but I am speaking of my fourteen year old who wrote this beautiful poem about me for his entire English class.

I am such a lucky mother.  He scored a perfect score.  I guess I can take some of the pats on the back for that since I was the object of the assignment.

Here is the world debut:


The look in her eyes playing video games,

The look on her face drinking rotten milk,

The red SUV that she always complains about

Her singing that everyone loved to hear

Her piano playing that is heard across the road

Her cookies we all love to hoard

The burnouts she’d do in the driveway

Throwing rocks all over our lawn

The socks she wears up to her thighs

Filled with weird and different designs

How she broke her toe at the DI

Unloading useless items

Yip…that is my life in a nutshell.  Exciting isn’t it? How lucky I am to feel the love of my children.  Someday………paybacks will be awesome!  No one is supposed to know about the socks.