I know that most people have received an email at one point and time in their life that some dead relative that lives in a part of the world that you have never heard of has left you a giant inheritance….yada yada yada.  I will admit that the first time I saw one of these I just about bought into it.  They have now become common place.  I am so sick and tired of my dead relatives leaving me loads of cash and telling me that I have to prove whom I am with all kinds of personal information and shipping fees to get these millions.  (insert sarcasm)

Last night I received another one.  I will attach it so that you can see the lunacy in it:

After much attempts to reach you on phone, I deemed it necessary and urgent to contact you via your e-mail and to notify you finally about your outstanding compensation payment.

During our last annual calculation of your banking activities we have realized that you are eligible to receive a compensation payment of $2,811,041.00 USD.

This compensation is being made to all of you who have suffered loss as a result of fraud, accident or illness.

For more info, contact the assigned UPS agent for the delivery of your cashier check.

United Parcel Service (UPS)
Contact Name: Robert Ayo
Tel: +2347039278107

Please take note that you will pay a shipping/handling fee of $95.00 USD to UPS.

Thanks for your patience.

Fridrich Tamara K.
Programme Manager
United Nations Human Settlements Programme

First red f lag: They don’t know how to spell or how to make a sentence into correct English.

Second of course: I don’t have dead relatives dying to give me loads of cash.

Last night, I had had enough.  I am going to tell you how you can tell where these emails are coming from if you don’t know already.

If you go to the top of the email you should see something that says: Show Full Header or something like that.  If you show the full header, a page will come up with a lot of stuff that may look confusing.  If you will look, there will be a number.  It will look a little like this:

This is the IP number.  Basically it traces back to where the email came from. If you don’t know the exact name of a website but know the IP address you can actually find that website by the address.  Chances are though, if you don’t know the web page highly unlikely you will know the IP address.

Anyway,iIf you type this number into Google or some other search engine, you will see exactly where it came from.  I have had some from Africa or other places.  This one I got yesterday I found extremely interesting.

When I typed in the address it brought up a school district website that is located in Missouri.  The wheels began turning.  I realized that someone had used this schools computers to send out these scam emails.  They had even used one of the employees names as a contact which didn’t make sense.

So I decided I was going to do something about it.  I contacted the superintendent of the school and gave him all the information I had regarding the misuse of the schools computers in trying to obtain cash fraudulently.  Pretty sure they don’t want that coming back on them.  I hope they catch who did it.

I am not normally a vindictive sort of person, but I have had enough of these seedy people trying scam people out of money.  I hope they catch them and throw the book at them before some poor unsuspecting person actually buys into this garbage.

I could have solved the world’s hunger problem by the time I have collected all the money from my dead relatives or dead oil execs.  I just received another email this morning telling me that I have received 20 Million in british pounds from a sick lady named Sarah.  It came from a college in Australia.  Some poor sick college student wants me to have 20 million pounds.  I feel so lucky!