Have you ever had one of those days or in my case weeks where your mind is anywhere but where it should be.  I am so stressed out and overwhelmed right now that I am not thinking right.  When this happens I need music.  I have an extremely bad habit of cranking the tunes so loud that I cannot think.  It is therapy.  This morning, my therapy happened to be Doobie Brothers at about 200 decibels.  Which would probably kill me because I don’t think there is a measurement for decibels that high.

This morning I got to school and realized that I was wearing my son’s shirt.  It is a Lego Star Wars shirt that says, “Do You Want a Piece of Me”.  Yeah, I am so ready to pick a fight today. I grabbed the shirt out of the laundry thinking it was mine and threw it on.  I didn’t bother turning on the lights.  My bad.  At least I won’t be able to hear anyone tell me that it isn’t my shirt or any other comments related to it.

To prove my point about the status of my brain, this strange truck showed up in front of our house around Labor Day.  It has been parked up there for almost two weeks without a license plate or anything.  I called my sister who works for a police department and was talking to her about how sick I am of looking at it because it hinders our view of getting out of our driveway and other things.  Anyway, she told me it could be stolen so I should call the police just to be safe to have it checked out.  I did call them a week ago.  They traced the VIN back to a town about 30 minutes away and said he would alert their PD and see what they could find out.  He told me that he couldn’t tow it away until it had been abandoned for a week.  Fine.  I was hoping the owner would come and get it.

The truck was still there yesterday which made almost two weeks.  My husband I were on our way into town and I told him that I was calling the cops tomorrow to haul it away because I was sick of looking at it.  When we came back from town, I noticed it was gone.  Yippee!!!  Well, not really….it was in my neighbor’s back yard.  I almost towed my neighbor’s car away.  Can I even tell you how bad that could have been.  How would I explain that one?  There would have been no way out of that one except to come clean.  I guess I could tell them that I haven’t been deaf long enough to read lips.  That would work.