I hope to never ever have to repeat what I had to do today.  Scared does not even begin to describe what I was feeling.  I wonder why things like this always happen when my husband is too far away to do anything and it has to be done immediately.  Not much good can come from this.

We had a rental home that some renters trashed and has been “contaminated” if you know what I mean. The health department posted the house as unsafe.  It has been sitting vacant for about a year until something can be done with it.

The neighborhood used to be all old people with nice yards and friendly neighbors. It is now ridden with crime and is a very scary place.

For some reason, my 17-year-old daughter decided to show her friend the house.  I got a call shortly after from her telling me that it looked like someone had been in the house.  I asked her how she got in and she told me through the back door, which was supposed to be locked.  I told her to leave, which thank goodness, she already had.

After consulting my husband at work, I decided to call the police.  We have had drug and alcohol problems at the house before.  The last time, I had to go with the cops and one of the neighbors figured it was his business that I was out in the backyard looking for stuff.  I was actually looking for needles which someone had burned, but I wasn’t about to tell him that.  Anyway, the neighbors are very scary and probably are the guilty parties.

I told the dispatcher that I needed to come in to see how they had gotten in the house and make sure no windows were broken and try to lock things up.  I told her that I did not want to come in there by myself.  So I waited for the police to call me.  When they called I told them the circumstances and said that I needed to come in and make sure it was locked up and didn’t want to be there by myself.  They told me they would check things out and make sure it was secure then call me.  Well they called back and told me it looked like they had moved out because they didn’t see anything.  At this time I was actually able to tell them the reasons why we believed someone had been in the house and that there was a strange chair on the front porch.  Well I guess the chair was there, but they didn’t seem too concerned.  They then asked me if I was going to come in and secure the house and I told them yes.

I had to take my 14-year-old son in there with me so I would not have to be alone.  Not knowing if someone was lurking around a dark corner.  The picture above looks exactly like what it looks like going into the basement.  So much so that my husband thought I had taken this picture of the basement.  There is no power on in the house.  This is why I had to do it because it would be dark when my husband got home.

My son and I got there and he did not want to get out of the car.  I was packing my “friend” Walther and my taser and my son had his BB gun locked and loaded.  When we got to the house one of the neighbors in the back apartment was watching us out of their window.  My son refused to get out of the car.  I was afraid for him to stay there by himself and afraid for him to go into the house with me.  I finally got him out and told him to stay with me.  We checked the parameter and found the possible entrance.  There were beer bottles all over the place.  They were in the garage and in the front yard all over the back yard.

We finally got up the nerve to go in and check things out.  We made sure all of the windows that could lock were locked and then came the dreaded basement.  My son begged and pleaded with me to not go down the stairs.  I had to.  I had to make sure all of the windows were locked.  I kept thinking that the cops had just come, although there was a window of opportunity that someone could have come back in.  I couldn’t see to go down the stairs and didn’t realize how dark they would be.  I turned the laser on on my gun on to give us some light.  There is a room just around the corner after you get to the bottom of the stairs that has no windows and no light.  Every hair on my neck stood up as I passed by that open door.  I could not see inside and my heart was nearly pounding out of my chest.  My son clung to the back of me with his finger on the trigger of his piece.

I checked the two other rooms which were fairly dark and was just waiting for someone to jump us.  Neither one of us wanted to walk past the “rock room” again, but had to to get out of the house.  I shone the laser in the room carefully to make sure nothing was hiding in the corners.  The whole time I could feel the pulse in my head it was pounding so hard.

We hurried, well nearly sprinted, back up the stairs.  We made good time getting into the truck and getting out of there.  I could not believe the cops left me to do this by myself.  They knew that there have been drug problems in the neighborhood and have been called to the house.  I wish they would have waited for me to get there.

Never….never will I go in that place like that again.  I have probably scarred my son.  Poor kid.  I thought there would be safety in numbers, but perhaps it would have been better to leave him at home.  I think both of us will have nightmares of dark basements and hidden corners.  It really makes me mad to think someone has the audacity to go into anyone’s home and do whatever they want to it.  They have left tons of cigarette butts on the porch.  They sit right out in the open like they own the place without concern of anyone seeing them.  Messed up!  Too much booze and drugs to even begin to think clearly and I have to risk me and my son’s life to protect our property from people like that.  Aggravates me to no end.

My sister told me that maybe taking a gun was not a good idea in case I got over taken.  I am not sure.  Who knows what could have been waiting for us.  I am just feisty enough that if someone is going to take me out, they are going to get the carp beat out of them in the process.