I don’t know how many of you saw the episode of Seinfeld where the management was changing all the shower heads in the apartment complex to “low pressure” shower heads.  After it was destroying everyone’s hair, Kramer and Newman find a guy selling “hot” high-powered shower heads.  Very funny episode.  I can relate to this, but on a different matter than shower heads.

I know many women have thought this and not many dare speak it, but I am going to risk my life and just get this off of my chest.  I know what I am about to say will have every “treehugging environmentalist” down my throat, but sometimes things have to be said to make one feel better. What I am about to admit may make some shutter, but I don’t care.

I am starting a new therapy group called DDA.  Dishwashing Detergent Anonymous.  It is a therapy group that will include anyone who is willing to admit that they have tried to buy Phosphorus filled Dishwashing Detergent from across the border.  Yes…I admit, I looked into it.  Be aware…..it will cost you.

I know how all the “junk” is going into the ground, yada yada yada…..but has anyone thought of this….  Has a chemical analysis been done of the disgusting while film left behind on dishes?  Unless someone washes the dishes after the dishwasher was supposed to wash them, you are putting that into your bodies.  It is probably taking us to a slow painful death.  So my question is this….why do I have a dishwasher?  If I have to wash the dishes before and after I use the dishwasher how is this saving me any time.  I am so sick of pulling dishes out of the dishwasher and having to rewash them because of the junk left behind.

I am all for saving the environment, don’t get me wrong….but this certainly does not save water either.  Is it any healthier to have to eat off dishes that have dishwashing detergent chemicals left behind?  Are we shooting ourselves in the foot?  I wish someone would come up with a solution to this problem.  It is ridiculous!

It so reminds me of the “conserve water” toilets.  That has got to be the biggest joke.  Do you know how many times I have to re-flush the toilet?  Water conservation???  I think not.  Those stupid low pressure flushing toilets are going to be the death of me too.  I have noticed that stores still use the high power flushers, so how come home owners are forced to use the piece of “crap” toilets? (pardon the pun).

Moral to the story….if you want it “hot” you are going to pay dearly for it.  I wonder how much jail time this would get me?