I am laughing so hard right now, so laughing!!!  So the other day, my kids were going to play a video game.  I asked them what they were going to play.  Well, I could tell by the way my son was covering that he did not want me playing the game with them.  So he started telling me it was NHL, which I don’t like playing because I can’t figure out the controls.  Anyway, I realized it was Black Ops and they did not want me playing because my son told me that, “All you want to do is shoot the grass, the fence and shoot smiley faces into buildings”.  O.K. So I don’t like shooting people and the game wouldn’t even be in the house if it wasn’t for it being a gift that someone gave one of my kids.  Anyway, we have had some fun playing it with all the bad stuff turned off.

“Well”, I said.  Disgusted in their observance of me.  So I gave them grief all night because they wouldn’t let me play.  Of course it was all in fun giving them so much grief over it.  All of this whole conversation and that particular day came back to smack my sons in the face today.

They wanted to play WWE today.  They decided it was O.K. for mom to play if she wanted.  I don’t know the controls….I just punch whatever I want and hope it works.  So we got into this wrestling match and I started pwning these two boys like none other.  Well I couldn’t stop laughing because I was pushing all the buttons I could and was seriously beating the heck out of the two of them without knowing what I was doing.  Well there comes a time during the match that your players signature move can be used.  Mine came up and I just happened to see it.  So I asked my son what button to push so I could use it.  He tells me which one to use and unbeknowns to any of us,  it was the pinning move.  I totally won!  My son was dying because he had told me how to use the move not knowing it would lead me to winning the game.  I was laughing so hard and my sons were stunned.  STUNNED!

They wanted a rematch.  So I picked my player again, Big Daddy V, (he and I are home boys now)  because I had so much luck with him and we commenced to wrestling.  My sons were not holding back on me this time.  I was getting double teamed, smacked with tables, smacked with chairs, smacked with wooden poles with barbed wire.  You name it.  They told me that they showed me too much sympathy the first game and they weren’t doing it this game.  That is pretty low people.

Fine, so I kept playing my whole haphazard way and found that the more buttons I pushed at once the better the chances I had of getting out of moves and I actually could do some serious beating.  Well the “noob” was able to pin down one of the boys after about 20 minutes of wrestling and I was winning…in a panic my  son unplugged the controller so I couldn’t win again.  Too late….I had won.

This is one of the most momentous moments in my life.  The look on their faces…..priceless.  My son said that no one better ever find out that they got pwned by their mother in WWE.  That that would pretty much be the end of their manly existence as they knew it.

I am laughing so hard right now.  Of course, that was my que to get out while the getting was good.  I can’t beat them in any other game, but I now have bragging rights tonight!  I am the queen of WWE!!!