I have read many news stories lately about police brutality, etc. It seems like when one story hits the news about police officers using excessive force then similar stories crawl out of the woodwork like termites. Media is one of our societies worst enemies and once people start getting that through their heads, things won’t change.

As I have read these stories one after another, they all have commonalities between them. The person who has been killed or shot had either just committed a crime, were on drugs, or didn’t follow a simple task an officer asked them to do. There are some incidents that are questionable, but for the most part this is the case.

For some reason over the past few years society has changed it’s mentality. We have become a society that not only feels like no one can tell us what to do or we can do what we want without any consequences.  Then my absolute favorite: if you have something I want, I have the right to take it because I don’t have what you have. Whether that be because of poorer circumstances or because they have been conditioned to believe they deserve it for one reason or another.

Then certain states have even passed laws that legalize some of the very drugs that some of these thugs are on that make them believe they are invincible. Then people can’t figure out why people are getting killed.

Not only has society changed in this way, but it has also lost one important aspect of being a human being, the simple thing called common sense.

As I have read about the Ferguson ordeal, I have been sickened because of the behaviors of the human race. You don’t answer to what some may call injustice by forcing more injustice on innocent bystanders.

I will be the first to admit that I have been mad at a cop before. When I look at the big picture, I have not right to be. The times I have been mad at a cop was when I was speeding and got pulled over and given a ticket. Whose fault is that? The cops? No, it was my fault because I either chose to speed or else was not paying attention to how fast I was going.

The officer was doing the very thing my tax payers money pays him to do.

My daughter was sitting in her car waiting for someone to open the doors to where she worked the other morning. She decided to floss her teeth while waiting. An officer pulled into the parking lot and questioned what she was doing. After he found out, she left. We may all think this was stupid to do on the cop’s part, but what was possibly happening is that the night before the security alarm had gone off many times during the night at the building. We found out later that it was Christmas ornaments, but the officer was looking out for the business where she and I both work.

People complain that cops use force when they shouldn’t. Perhaps that is the case in some situations, but have you walked a mile in their shoes?  Do you face potential life threatening situations day in and day out because of your employment. Do you have family members waiting at home for your safe return. Do you have family members who need you for support of your daily basic needs? Police officers come from families just like the rest of us. I have no doubt that if someone were to break into your home, you would defend yourself and your family by any means possible. Why are officers not allowed to protect themselves when they feel threatened. I am sure they are trained when to use that force. A criminal with a weapon can close that 10-12 foot gap pretty quickly and do damage if they want.

I work at a t-shirt printing company. I am dumbfounded at how many people will call in wanting one shirt printed in one day. Their common saying is, “It’s just one shirt, how hard can that be”?

Let me explain how the t-shirt printing process works. I had a lady call in one day wanting us to print a shirt for her that very day of a job she had done the week before. It was four colors on the front. One might think, no sweat, we just did that. If the screen printer is good at what he does, it would take 1 1/2 to 2 hours to set up all of the screens for that one shirt. That would tie up a machine for that long for any other jobs that needed to be done. People don’t understand that it takes as long to set up a job for one shirt as it does for 50. If someone is creating a new design for print to do in one day, Depending on how hard the artwork is, it could take up to a few hours. Depending on how picky the customer is, it can take even longer. Then the artwork has to be prepped and screens burned which can take another hour. Depending on how many colors are in the artwork can depend on how long it takes to set up the job.

My point is, until you have worked that job or been in that position, you are clueless. You may have your opinions about how you think things should work or be done, but you really are clueless unless you have worked that job. It is the same with the people we pay to defend our very lives. Until we are faced with near death situations daily, we need to quit being so quick to jump on the “lynch the cop” bandwagon.

Another aspect that is seriously getting under my skin is the fact that during all of these police brutality stories, most of the people shot and killed had just committed a crime. They broke the law. But all we hear is about is the senseless killings. Where in the crap is the common sense that says, “IF THEY WEREN’T BREAKING THE LAW TO BEGIN WITH THEY WOULD STILL BE ALIVE”. “IF THEY WOULD HAVE JUST DROPPED THE WEAPON THEY WOULD STILL BE ALIVE”, “IF THEY WOULD HAVE JUST STOPPED WHEN ASKED, THEY WOULD STILL BE ALIVE”. “IF THEY WOULD HAVE JUST GOTTEN OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD WHEN ASKED, THEY WOULD STILL BE ALIVE”. Where is that in all of this? Do we as a people no longer feel like their should be consequences to our very actions? Do we no longer have any common sense in our beings?

Do we go into our neighbor’s homes and steal from them, do we go to the local markets and take what is not ours, do we kill someone we are mad at, do we drive drunk or like idiots down the road and not expect to be punished for our actions? If so, then that is the real issue in all of this, not what the cops are doing.

How stupid have we become as a people? I used to think that we had more common sense that this. Some of our very own government officials are doing a very good job at masking the real issues here. Perhaps in part because they have helped breed and feed the mentality a lot of people are suffering from. We are not entitled to everything we want. When we break the law, our court systems are set up to either free us or jail us. Sometimes it doesn’t work right, and then we need to pursue that. But if people would quit breaking the law, these things will quit happening. Common sense.