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Home remodeling is not for wusses.  During my growing up years, there is only a couple of houses that I recall not being involved in a remodeling job of some sort.  My mother had this innate ability to take something ugly and make it beautiful.  I remember one particular house that I went with them to look at.  I remember walking into this four walled container of fecal matter and telling my parents that I would not move into that house if they decided to buy it. It seriously looked like someone had urinated on the walls or something in the front room.  The toilet was so disgusting.  The house smelled horrible.

My parents bought the house because they got a great deal on it.  I moved in kicking and screaming.   The house did have to be cleaned up before we moved in which helped a little bit.  When my mother was done with it, it was beautiful home.

I will be the first to tell you that I hate remodeling.  Mostly because I hate things being in chaos and it would eventually lead to not having a bathroom in the middle of winter. Utah winters in the past were not kind. You would sometimes have to plow a walkway to the car through 3-4 feet of snow. This year it has been 3-4 inches.

When my grandmother passed away, the doctors did not want my grandfather living alone.  He was pretty feeble.  So my mother and father sold our home and we moved into my grandfather’s house.  It was a two bedroom, 1 bathroom home.  There were 5 of us.  My parents made do until we could remodel the home to have 3 more bedrooms and a bathroom. See, I told you all remodeling leads to being without plumbing at one point and time.

This remodel job started in the summer and went into the winter.  My grandfather had a greenhouse that he had made that was in his backyard about 200 feet away from the house.  When it came time to install the new toilet, shower and sink, the water had to be shut off to the bathroom.  My father built us a porta-potty of sorts in the greenhouse for privacy.  Unfortunately it was in the winter and we had a lot of snow.  I remember a few mornings making the trip out to the greenhouse dreading the frostbite I was getting braced to receive.  This makes you pretty tough.

I am about to “out” my mother on this and may she forgive me.  I did not understand her situation then like I do now that I have had four children.  The birth of children seriously damages anything related to the bladder and the lack of control thereof.  Did not understand this at that time.  I am a lot more sympathetic of her situation now.

One particular morning when our bathroom was still located in the great outdoors, she woke up and had to go out to the “greenhouse”.  She realized as she got up that she had to go pretty bad and wasn’t sure if she was going to make it.  She had a pretty steep flight of stairs to go down and realized when she got to the bottom that there was no way she was going to make it without having an “accident”.  So she made an executive decision to just step off to the side of the steps and go. She hit a patch of ice which caused her to go down along with her pants.  Even now, 25 years later, I still laugh at the picture this paints in my mind. I envision Bambi when he first stepped on ice.

Now thank goodness Google wasn’t around to do a drive by “shooting”.  I would hate to find her on a Google map search somewhere.  I could not stop laughing that entire day.  I had graduated from high school and was at home so I was stuck there painting all day.  When it would get quiet…you know the 7 minute lull….I would envision my poor mother in her predicament and start laughing.  She would just look at me and give me that “I know what you are thinking about look” and then proceed to tell me that she wishes she would  have never told me what happened.  Well today I almost had the same experience she did, only I kept my pants on and ice was not involved.

The first house my husband and I lived in had to be completely remodeled for it to be livable. I decided after the 10 years of that that I would never remodel again. I will paint, but I won’t tear the entire house apart. So for the last couple of months, I have been giving my walls a fresh coat of paint after 7 years.  Today I decided that my children’s bathroom needed a new look.  I have unfortunately been smacked with the short stump and am at a huge disadvantage at reaching ceilings, let a lone vaulted ceilings.  I have not to this day spent money on a step-ladder.  That is probably why I have nearly died a few times.

Today I had the can of paint on the bathroom sink and I was standing on the side of the tub trying to paint around the ceiling.  I had a chair in between me and the sink so I could just step around to make things easier.  I stepped on the chair with one foot to reach the paint can and for some reason the chair slid, thus causing me to do the splits.  I am sure even when I was a baby that I could not do the splits. I am not genetically built for them.  My sister tried forcing me once which, quite frankly, I was lucky I could still have children afterwards.  Anyway, as the chair slid I felt the muscles pulling in places that no woman wants muscles pulling.  My daughter and husband was on the other side of the house discussing bikes and handlebar tape.  I yelled for help, groaned for help, prayed for help.  No one came. I managed to grab on to something and get myself pulled back together. I had a flashback to when I was 24 months pregnant with my youngest son (not really, but it felt like 24 months), I went to kick a ball and missed.  Couldn’t walk for weeks from a pulled groin.

I do not think that I will be walking the same after today. There is something about pulling the groin muscle that just messing everything up.  I nearly crawled into the kitchen to where the beloved family with hearing problems were.  No comments like, “sorry, we didn’t hear you” or “are you OK”.  All I got was laughter.  It haunted my ears as I am sure it did my mothers years ago.  Why did I even tell them.  Everything you do as a teen comes back to haunt you as a parent.  At least I was within the privacy of four walls and my pants were stretchy.


Meet My Mother

Have you ever had all the stars and planets align up just right for the perfect payback?  Well it is coming my direction and the payback will be Friday!  If I could count the many ways my children have embarrassed me…..I don’t think I can count that high.  Or even the times other kids have embarrassed their parents.  Like the time my nephew took off through Kmart wearing a lady’s brassiere.  Glad that wasn’t my kid.  Or how about the time that my son got up to the drive-up window at the bank and asked for farties because he couldn’t pronounce smarties.  Oh, that was a good one.  I think of that one every time I go to the bank.

Then there was the time that one of my dear, sweet darlings left a Wal-Mart smiley face sticker on the driver’s seat of the car and I unknowingly sat on it and then walked all around town with said smiley face stuck to my butt.  Have you ever had one of those moments when you become aware of everything at once.  In my mind I retraced every footstep I made with that thing stuck to me.

An acquiantance’s daughter waited until an insurance salesman came and decided to bring in her potty training seat and proceeded to poo in front of the guy.  I think he should have gotten the hint that he needed to leave at that point.  That would be a good salesman deterrent.

Then there was my husband who at age 3 went for a ride on his bike and decided to crawl through a fence, ripping of his britches.  The neighbor brought him home in one hand and his drawers in the other.  Made my mother-in-law want to move to another town nearly.

I am sure every mother has similar stories.  This week-end is serious paybacks.  Our community is having a Halloween party.  My husband, kids and I  go all out for Halloween.  This year….Superheroes!  Well my daughter informs me she has a date on Friday.  (Inner smile)

I am setting up for the party at 5:30.  It starts at 6:30.  Her date is supposed to be by at 6:00.  (Insert another evil grin) Because of the time constraint, I will have to set up in my costume.  It is a policy of my husband and I to meet my children’s dates whenever possible.  This time is no exception.

When I started explaining to my daughter that I had to help set up at 5:30, but I would run back home at 6:00 to meet the date…..she got real quiet and then I heard a low throttling moan.  She realized that Batgirl would be greeting her date that evening and I will be arranging for Batman to  be close behind.

She was still moaning this morning every time she heard me doing the evil giggle I so enjoy doing when I am about to do something that is somewhat gratifying in an evil way.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Heee heee heee!

It is unavoidable.  I apologized to her, but not very sincerely.  I am thinking the whole gang needs to meet the date;  Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Spiderman and Captain America.  Perhaps he might think to himself that if he tries anything with her, that he has a household of complete loons that will come after him.  Works for me!  I guess this will prove how interested he really is in her right??

This cannot be any weirder than the fly I found floating in my oatmeal this morning…..still not sure how that happened.  I know that was random, but it still haunts my memory.  Haven’t been able to eat anything all day because of it.  Yuck!

Death to Musca Domestica!

Today has been one of those days.  First….I have never had so many things going on in one day than today and have barely had time to sit down.  I am posting because it is therapy and I need it right now.  Today, my nephew got married.  It is also my husband’s birthday.  The welcoming party (buzzards or something that looked like them) showed up at the temple to celebrate my husband’s birthday with him.  (He might hit me for that smart remark)  Then two of my children are going to the Homecoming dance for their high school.  Some where, some how…the communication for dates and times of some activities were not clearly mentioned and we over scheduled.  Not to mention that there were four other things that I was involved in that just had to go by the way side because….I COULDN”T DO IT ALL!

I live in the country surrounded be farms.  This is wonderful if you minus the downwind smell of cow poo or pig poo and the occasional mosquito.  I love the Fall.  It is my most favorite time of the year.  This is the time of year I got married and fall always reminds me of that wonderful day.  Fall in the country it amazing. The air usually smells wonderful and every once in a while you will get to see the most amazing morning scenery and sunsets.  This morning I looked out the window and thought I was in Florida if it hadn’t been for the huge mountains in the backdrop.  We had this beautiful thin layer of fog just sitting on top of the fence lines.  That means it is starting to turn off cool.  It was amazing….I would show you the picture if I could get my PC to read the memory card.

Anyway, I looked out the window and thought to myself.  This is going to be a great morning.  We had to be at the temple at 8:45 a.m. for the wedding.  My husband and I got ready and went to get in the car only to realize that one of my children had done the unthinkable.  They had left the car window open.  This shouldn’t seem too alarming, but it is.  When I saw the window open I just said CCCAAAAARRRRPPPP!

The gray ceiling of my car had turned black.  That is because there were approximately 1000 flies on it.  This is not an exaggeration.  Well stupid me decided to start whacking at them.  They were nearly dead anyway because of the cold and I realized with one whack I could take a few out.  On the second whack, I realized this was a horrible idea.  I have a lot of hair.  Some call it blessing, some call it a curse.  This morning it was a curse.  The flies started dropping into my hair.  I couldn’t find some of them.  By the time we got to the temple I got out and shook my head and everything else because I felt like I was literally crawling with flies.

We got into the temple and waited for the wedding ceremony to start only to see a couple of flies walking on our bench.  This is sacrilegious people.  I must have had some nearly dead flies in my hair that were resuscitated by the warm temperatures inside the temple.  I am reminded by the saying in Frankenstein…”It’s Alive”!!!!

My husband and I both sat and looked at each other knowing full well we were the culprits who brought the dirty little vermin in.  My poor father rode up with us and I am sure he was packing a few himself.  The entire day I felt like Pigpen.  I stopped to get pizza for the kids and left a “friend” at the pizza joint.  I went to a steak house for a luncheon and left a couple of other “friends”.  Every where I went there were flies.  No matter how many doors or windows we opened, those stupid things would keep reproducing on the spot.  It made me sick to think they were coming off of me like that.

When I close my sleepy little eyes tonight I have a feeling my dreams will be a sequel to The Fly.  Only instead of being a brilliant yet somewhat stupid scientist, I will be a mother of millions of maggots that within two weeks of birth try to take over my body so they can rule the world.  Makes me want to hurl.

Jack and the Ladder?

Have you ever been sitting at home one day, happen to look out the window and think to yourself…”I am going to see someone die today”?  Well I did Saturday.

There are safety stickers and warnings on some objects for a reason.  With this said……

I was on the phone talking to my sister and looked out the window to see someone doing one of the stupidest stunts I have yet to beat.  With all of the dumb things I have done in my life, I do not believe any of them have come as close as this guy did to death.  Well maybe one…take that back there were two.

We have trees that line our property that are about 200 feet high or so.  Well, my neighbor was trying to get a dead branch out of the tree.  He put up a ladder and braced it up against the branch.  This was not just any ladder, this ladder would have made firemen shudder at the thought of climbing.  It was extended waaayy past the safety sticker.

It went so high that I thought I had been sucked into the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk because I could not see the top of the ladder because it disappeared into the tree.  We had begun to wonder if he had welded three ladders together.  He then proceeded to push up against the ladder to see if it was stable to stand on.  All of us from our view began saying, “No, don’t do it”.  The ladder would bend in the middle every time he pushed it.

After a small amount of deliberation, he decided to put it up against his house and climb up on the roof.  Which in my opinion was only one notch above the stunt he just had pulled.  He finally got the branch down and sat on the ladder to slide down of it like a slide.  I was just waiting for the safety to give way and the ladder collapsing thus thrusting him 75 feet  into the lap of his unsuspecting wife  who had been coordinating the stunt and urging him on the whole time.

I began wondering if there was anything I had ever done where someone just stood with their mouth open and their brain thinking, “What the…..what is that woman thinking?”

Unfortunately I did not have to think long before an incident came to mind where I felt those eyes of wonderment on me.  My husband and I had four kids in the span of 5 years.  Honestly, I wonder how I have made it this far without a padded cell.  When I would go to town, it was a nightmare.  I hated going to town.  Most of the time, I had to take all four of them.  Can you imagine having that many toddlers in a store?  AAAAHHHHH!  I start getting shallow breathing just remembering it.

This particular day I was doing some shopping at Wal-mart.  As usual, I had lost one kid in the store and had two others crying by the time we got back to the vehicle.  I was exhausted and trying to get everyone buckled in and the purchases loaded.  I looked ahead and realized that I could just pull straight through the parking spot without having to back up.  I don’t know why, but I was excited at this prospect.  I uncharacteristically left the cart behind the car.  I was too tired to push it to the stall and I didn’t think again because I was pulling out forward.

When I got everyone loaded, I jumped in and started the car throwing the car into drive to follow the plan of pulling straight through……No..for some stupid reason, which I still haven’t figured out to this day, I threw the truck into reverse and backed up at a fair speed.  I heard a really bad noise and wondered what it was.  Then it all came back to me.  I hurried and jumped out the truck and ran to the back to see the shopping cart stuck to the hitch and partway under the truck.  Of course there were about 10 people in the parking lot, all of them reading the blinking “Look at stupid” sign that was flashing above my head.

I wiggled and wiggled the cart trying to pry it loose.  No luck.  I then put both feet up on the bumper and pulled back on the cart as hard as I could.  I still could not free it from the jaws of death.  I was extremely flustered at this point and refused to ask anyone to help me because I felt like a complete idiot.  I hurried and jumped back into the truck to think.  I decided I would just follow my first plan and drive straight through with one slight change….I would gas it and swerve back and forth to dislodge the cart.  O.K.  I lied all I wanted to do was get out of there ASAP and hoped that in my attempt to flee the scene of the crime that I would break free from the bonds of the cart.

Luckily for me it worked and lucky for me that my children weren’t teens at the time.  They would have disowned me for sure.  Of course, I had some “splainin'” to do when I got home and realized I had a huge dent in the back of the car.  Those of you that are married, know that this type of situation causes a dilemma.  I could plainly see my husband’s face when I told him what really happened.  I wrestled with myself for hours on how to handle it.  I formed a plan.

I made him his favorite meal and then broke it to him gently.  The full stomach buffered some frustration so I didn’t get what I could have got.  He ate, got up and quietly walked outside to view the damage.  To me this wasn’t nearly as bad as a few months down the road when I jack-knifed the utility trailer and put a HUGE dent in the side of the vehicle which required auto body work.  Ouch….

Best Day of My Life!

So today is my 21st wedding anniversary.  In celebration of this, I wanted to do something very special for my husband.  So I did my very best polygamist hair-do I could manage and did not apply any makeup.  I didn’t have one of those lovely dresses to put on, so he just had to deal with the PJs which happen to by my daughter’s Halloween costume three years ago.  I won’t go into it more than that.

When he walked through the door after a long night of work, I surprised him!  I think he was expecting me to be ready for school and hair done with makeup.  I think he was impressed that I could get my hair to go back to the large 80’s style I used to have WITHOUT hairspray.  I get props for that.  Other than that, I am afraid he was not impressed.  He laughed, but was not impressed.  I think he prefers the Steven Tyler hair I can seemingly pull off without a lot of effort.

Yes, I am Mormon but for that last and final time….we do not practice polygamy as 83% of American’s polled think we do.  Wow!  I am amazed at how many people hear things on TV that they think are real.  After not practicing polygamy for over 100 years you think the word would have gotten out by now that men of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints only have one wife unless they have left the church and started their own crazy thing thinking they can practice this within the realms of freedom of religion when it is against the law.

I will  tell you right now, my husband could not handle more than one woman.  I am plenty for him I assure you.  I am pretty sure I drive him completely up the wall some days.  Probably all 7,655 days we have been living together as husband and wife.

My husband is the best!  I would not trade him for anything in the world.  I consider myself lucky  that I found one man who would put up with my crazy antics and still want to be married to me.  In a day and age where marriage is constantly coming under attack or trying to be made into something that God never intended it to be, I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to spend this life and the eternities with my wonderful man.  He is a wonderful person and a good father.  I couldn’t ask for more.

As for the hair and no make-up….forget about it.  I find it ironic that God wants us to be humble, but these women are judged by height of their hair.  The higher the hair, the more righteous they are.  People know it by looking at them.  I would never want to be judged by hair whether I loved my Father in Heaven more than the next person.  That is terrible and it is degrading.  If this was the rule across the board, with my mostly flat hair I would have thrown into outer darkness by now.  My husband on the other hand can sport a pretty nice afro when he hasn’t had a hair cut in a while.  I wasn’t even sure that was possible on a white guy.

Happy Anniversary dear!  I love you more than life itself!

Raising Happy Kids.

Making Someone’s Day

Making someone’s day is not all that it is cracked up to be.  I embarrassed myself like none other today. 

My husband is a pretty quiet guy except for when it comes to bikes.  He has been biking for years now and it is his second love.  At least I hope I come in first.  He told me yesterday that he was going to go on a ride today.  This totally set me up for what happened today.

I was on my way home from school today and saw my husband riding toward me on the road.  I decided that I was going to have some fun.  I slowed down and started whistling and waving my arms at him out the window.  I was making the best cat calls a married woman could make.

If…..and that is a big IF, I would have waited until I got about 5 more seconds up the road I would have realized that the person I thought was my husband was not my husband.  He had on a shirt like my husband’s.  His helmet looked like my husband’s and even his bike was around the same color.  He was just an older, more mature gentleman than my husband.  I would say probably in his late sixties or early seventies.

I can’t even begin to imagine what this man might have been thinking.  I am old, but compared to him I was a spring chicken.  He is probably thinking, “I can still catch the babes after all these years”.  I am sure that probably made his day.  I on the other hand wish to never see this man again. Someday, I really truly hope that I will stop doing some of the stupid things that I do.

Every holiday is great because it is a holiday.  Besides Christmas and 4th of July, Halloween is the best!  What is better than being able to act like an idiot, or act like a fool and get away with it.  I love it when you are driving down the street and see Santa Clause driving in the car next to you.

When my kids were younger, we dressed up with them to take them trick-or-treating.  This took some real coaxing with my husband at first.  The first costume I had him wear was an old lady dress, etc.  When he walked out of the room, he looked so much like his mother (may she rest in peace) that it nearly creeped me out.  Something happened, I don’t know how or when but it has become tradition to dress up in as a family and we usually have some theme or another.  Like one year we picked up some walkers at a local thrift store and we borrowed my sister’s mother-in-law’s wheelchair and oxygen tank.  She didn’t need them, or we wouldn’t have borrowed them.  Then we dressed the boys up like old ladies and the girls up as old men.  Then one of my daughters dressed up as Dr. Kavorkian.  It was kind of demented but funny at the same time.

Or there was one of our favorites when I borrowed an old van of my dad’s and painted it to look like the mystery machine and we all went as Scooby Doo and the gang.  We had people stop by the house wanting to have their pictures taken with it. 

Then one year we went as Fat Albert and the gang, another year as Napoleon Dynamite characters.  We even dressed our pug up as a tator tot to go with the overall theme.  We have gone as the Beverly Hillbillies, Rock Stars, Star War Characters, Historical characters, Nerds, ZZ Top, Hippies….the list goes on.  We usually keep it a secret until just before Halloween.  This year we have already started gathering costumes for our big debut.  It is going to be great! 

I will add some pics of our other costumes throughout the years.  It seems like we have to outdo ourselves each year.  It is so much fun and it is one family tradition that I think I will never grow out of.  I can’t wait for this year!

A word to the wise.  There are some things that should never go near your face.  I came extremely close to doing what I would say is the ultimate stupidest thing I have ever done.  Got woke up in the night and like most women, was having a hard time going back to sleep.  I realized as I lay there that my lips were chapped.  It was bugging me, so to relieve one of my anxieties I decided to go get some lip balm and put it on.  I didn’t bother turning on the lights because I knew it was in my purse and that if I just felt for it I would find it.

When I grabbed a hold of it, I proceeded to take off the cap and realized at that moment that something was different.  I wondered if one of the kids had put a weird lid on it or something.  As I lifted it to my mouth, something fell and at this point I had to turn on the lights to see what the heck I had dropped.  As soon as the lights came on, I realized just how close I came to putting Krazy Glue on my lips. 

Right now, I am hearing all the jokes going around in my head that people in my house can come up with.  “Wow, I bet Dad wished that would have happened”, or “It would have been a lot quieter around the house”, yada yada yada.  Whatever.  Bring it on, I am numb to it all.

Reminds me of the time that my dear, sweet husband tried brushing his teeth in the dark and inadvertently picked up the hemmoroid creme instead of toothpaste.  I guess we are about even now with stupid stunts.

I just won’t tell my husband about  the time that I was brushing my teeth and realized that my toothbrush felt funny.  I looked down and realized that I was using his toothbrush.  I have been married for over 20 years to this man and this still made me sick to think his toothbrush had been in my mouth.  Hope he  don’t find out about  that.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of this whole dirty politician/celebrity scene.  Every time I turn on the TV, I hear about one person  or another cheating on their wives/husbands, etc., etc.  So I decided that I am going to start giving my two bits on how to have a happy marriage and a happy life.  Something that is achievable even when you have trials and difficulties.

Mormons believe that when you are married, it is for eternity not just for life.  This puts a whole new perspective on living with someone.  Marriage is serious to us.  It is one of the most important things we try to attain in this life and not just attain it, but be happy while we are there.  This takes a lot of sacrifice on both parts, but it is well worth it.  When I started looking at dates as potential spouses, I learned a lot about what I could live with and what I wouldn’t put up with.  I based my decisions on getting to know that person as a friend, not just jumping into bed with them right off the bat.  You can’t tell anything from a person like that.  People can be complicated and you need to get to know them very well before sharing that part of you with them.

My husband and I have been married for almost 21 years.  They have been 21 very happy years and there has not been one time that I have questioned my choice to marry him.  He is a wonderful man and we work together in a partnership to make things work.  Is it perfect?  Heck no, but we get through the tough times because we are both working towards the same goals.

I am not qualified as a therapist or anything else, but I have seen the problems with other marriages and have seen where people have gone wrong.  To start things off, many years ago I was sitting in a Sunday school lesson and heard the teacher tell me that this particular individual who they were talking about had never fought with his wife.  In my teen mind I was thinking, holy cow..NEVER?  I have hated fighting since I could remember and so I made up my  mind at that young age, that I would never fight with my husband when I got married.  I have kept that goal and intend to keep on keeping that goal.  Nothing was every solved when people  were screaming and yelling at each other.  This is one of my rules, but I want to start with another one.  From that time, I started thinking about what I wanted my marriage to be like and what I needed to do to achieve that goal.  Some of my ideas may seem radical to oh, about 90% of the world, but they come right down to just plain common sense.  Something that a lot of people are missing these days.  So here it goes!

Rule #1: Do nott sleep around or live with someone to see if you are compatible with that individual before you are married. I know, I am probably being scoffed at and laughed at and perhaps thought of as “old-fashioned”.  When you consider the divorce rates now-a-days perhaps “old-fashioned” is something we should go back to. 

Neither I nor my husband had been intimate nor lived with anyone else before marriage.  We weren’t intimate until after marriage.  There is something refreshing in this idea.  I never once had to question whether my husband had picked up some disease I didn’t know about.  I never felt like I was being “compared” to another woman.  He and I were exclusively each others.  Do you know how that makes me feel, to think that my husband saved that part of him for me?  He saved it for the person he wanted to marry and spend forever with.  Our relationship did not begin with how compatible we were in this area.  Our relationship was built on love and trust first.  I knew he was faithful to me already because he had not been with another woman in that way.   We didn’t need to live with each other because we dated long enough to know the important things about each other.  How we looked in the morning was really irrelevant.  Pretty much everyone looks like carp in the morning.  Even if you find yourself in this situation, you can stop now.  Start over.  Like starting a new life over again.  Save that part of yourself for that special person.  We live in a society that is based on self-gratification and selfishness.  We want it and want it now.  Think about how great it was the first time you saved up for something you wanted really bad and when you purchased that item, the happiness and satisfaction you felt from that was indescribable.  Then you protect that item from anything that would or could destroy it because you knew what you went through to get it.  Compare that to wanting to save up for something you want bad, but never getting it because you keep spending the money on other things.  Then you are frustrated because you can never have the money to buy that item.  It is like that with intimacy.  Waiting until you are married is so much like saving up for something wonderful and when you are finally able to have it you cherish it forever because of the sacrifices you made along the way.  It is so worth the wait.  I would never do it any differently.

It was the same with my grandparents and parents.  My father and mother saved themselves for each other.  My father loved my mother so much.  She was killed in a car accident about 14 years ago.  They had been married for 42 years.  One of the first things that I remember my father saying after my mother died was, “I will never get remarried so don’t even ask.  I will not be unfaithful to your mother”.  What an example he is to me.  Even though he could remarry, he loved my mother so much that he felt he would be unfaithful to her by doing so.  I know that if my father would have died first that my mother would have felt the same way.  She would have never remarried.  I am not sure what I would do in the same situation.  I don’t picture myself remarrying because I can’t  picture myself with anyone other than my dear, sweet husband.  I am not saying remarrying is bad, some people just have no desire once they have loved and loved that person with all their heart. 

Relationships should never start by cheap one-night-stands or repeated ones for that matter.  That isn’t love and no relationship can stand alone on just sexual intimacy.  Lift yourself to a higher standard and treat your body with respect.  Treat your future spouse with that kind of respect.  When one respects themselves they automatically will respect others.  Make your home a place where relationships are nourished and cherished.  You deserve that, you spouse deserves that and future children deserve that.