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Game On!

For Christmas every year, we buy one or two boardgames because we love playing games as a family.  Every Sunday night we have what we call Family Home Evening and we have a lesson on gospel topics and then we plays games and have treats.  Everyone takes turns doing different things.  Family Home Evening is not Family Home Evening with the games.  We take turns picking a game and spend the night laughing or fighting if it is Pictionary.  It never fails, something about Pictionary brings the worst out of at least one person.  If you put my two daughters together on a team, guaranteed you have your work cut out for you to win.  It is like they can read each other’s minds or something.  The family joke, “Hey, I feel like fighting…let’s play Pictionary”.   Pit is also a family favorite.

This year for Christmas I found one of the funniest games.  It is called Redneck Life.  I bought it at  That was the cheapest place I found.  They also offer an expansion pack which is worth the extra cost to buy right off. This game is based on The Game of  Life only it is in redneck version.

You shake one or two dice (depending if you are using expansion pack) to see what grade you graduated from.  Then a payday comes with that education and a job i.e. Monster Truck announcer, bouncer, bass fishing guide…etc.  You roll the dice to pick your spouses name.  i.e. Big Belle, Corndog Pete….

The first time we played we were all depressed because you automatically go into debt.  You have to buy a house and a car etc.  Throughout the game you have “accidents” that make you loose teeth.  The object of the game is to see who has the most teeth at the end.  There are factors that determine this at the end.  You can gain some teeth back through various ways.

The worst part of it for me was that I ended up with 34 children and 31 of them were all named Darryl and had red hair.  This forced me to buy enough vehicles to get this family around.  There is a space you land on where you can take the kids to the babysitter (babysitter being whatever player you choose) and “forget” they are there.  Then the babysitter adds that many more kids to their kid list.  By the way, each kid you have takes away $10 from your payday.  So if your payday stunk in the beginning, it really stinks if you have a ton of kids.

We have laughed so hard during this game.  Tears streaming.  The first time we played, I landed on a square that said, “Your parents didn’t want you when you were born and left you at the hospital, start over”.  This pretty much sucked, but I did get even at the end.

This is a hilarious game.  I had to edit some of it for my kids (they are 14-19) just because I didn’t feel it was appropriate for our home but it is stuff you can work around.  The cars and houses that you have to buy are actual pictures of real homes and vehicles.  I would hope that people don’t live in things like that or drive things like that, but I have an uneasy feeling that they do.

If you want a fun game to play, this is it.


I am not sure there is one woman on this planet who enjoys cleaning a toilet.  If there is I would like to meet them.  Yet, to have to clean something so disgusting is far better than not having one at all.  At least during the flu season.

When flu season arrives, toilets are our friends.  About 3 Christmas ago, we found out just how grateful we are for those porcelain pieces of furniture.

We had a family Christmas party at my sisters.   This is once when I can honestly say, those who weren’t there are the luckiest suckers on earth.

The family Christmas party was held just days before Christmas.  We have about 70 plus now in the extended family, but I believe at that time there were probably only 60 something and of those sixty I believe only 35 of us were there.  My husband and kids and I always have a Christmas Eve party.  I planned big, we had Chinese food and all kinds of goodies.  It was great fun until later that night one of my kids complained of not feeling well.

I hoped that it was just something passing so that their Christmas would not be ruined.  By the time we went to bed three children were sick.  We started dropping like flies people. Christmas morning welcomed the entire family having the flu.  The worst Christmas ever.  We barely managed to get packages opened between trips to the bathroom.

Most of us laid and moaned all day.  I began to wonder if some of my cooking had given us all food poisoning, until I started calling around and getting calls from the family.  What we realized is that within a five-day period 26 of the 35 people had the flu.  It nearly took out the entire family.  We then thought that perhaps we ate something at the party that gave us food poisoning.  We could not find a common denominator.  I do believe to this date nothing has made me sicker except for morning sickness.

When  every Christmas rolls around at least one child tells me that they never want to see Chinese food again.  It is not what made everyone sick, but everyone remembers what it is like revisiting that meal over and over again.  I have always been one that hardly ever throws up.  I remember the few times I have it has been with a migraine combined with motion sickness.  Other than that, morning sickness with my first child for 5 months was the only puking I have done.

Up until this Christmas day, I had not thrown up for 15 years.  I broke that record and made up for all those years in 6 days.  None of us could eat for about two weeks.  It was horrible.

I bring this up because I think there should be laws that only person can get the flu at a time in a family.  I don’t know who to talk to about this, but it is unfair for a mother to have to deal with.  I came to this conclusion last night while I was up most of the night with two sons suffering from the flu.  It is going on three days now and neither one of them has slept for the last two nights because of the attachment they have with “John”.

I breathe a sign of relief that we made it past Christmas before this hit, but now I await to see how many of us get it.  Unfortunately when Mom gets sick I still have to be mom.  No quitting for me.  I am keeping my distance and crossing my fingers.

So the next time you mumble under your breath while elbow deep into the toilet, remember what it would be like if you didn’t have one and what you would have to clean up.  Puts everything into perspective, I say.

There are times when I do things that I really wonder what I am thinking when I decided to do it.  Today I did something that I know a forty+ year old woman probably should have thought completely through before attempting.

I am a true believer in playing with my kids.  I will try a lot of things and perhaps some that I shouldn’t.  I have done more things as a mother than I never did as a teen.  I believe in being involved in my kids’ life so I know what their likes and dislikes are.  My kids are quite varied in the things they like to do.  So I have done a few things that perhaps some parents wouldn’t do.

I have played video games with my boys because that is like what they do.  I do have to ask what the controls do each time.  But I have been banned from Modern Warfare because my sons don’t like the idea that I prefer shooting the vending machines, cash registers, condiments, beagles and TV’s.  I get a weird thrill out of that.  My son’s don’t appreciate it.  I am the queen of Battlefront.  I hold the headshot record. Yesssss!

I live in Utah.  As a youngster, I loved tubing, skiing, ice skating and other various winter sports.  I usually ended up getting hurt because of stupid ideas.  The last time I went skiing (30 years) I ran a girl over and decided that was not the profession for me.  Then I tried ice skating earlier this year for the first time after 30 years.  I nearly took out a baby in a stroller. Nearly got banned from the ice rink after that.  When I was younger my brother had built a snowmobile out of wood and skis.  He then got my brother, sister and I to go to the tubing hill with him.  He welded the skis on to the box thus making this thing heavier than an ox.  It took all four of us to get the thing up the hill.  It was heavy to get much speed, so we built a jump at the bottom of the hill and then would have my brother lay on the other side for us to try to jump him.   We could have killed him.  This was not smart, nor was it my idea.  My brother almost sent a lot of us to the “other side” with his hairbrained ideas.  I usually liked trying a lot of things as a youth because I could bounce back physically better if I a happened to get injured.  That doesn’t happen as much as I am more “mature”.  The old body gets hammered a lot easier.

In comes today’s complete brain fart.  My son has been wanting a Banshee Bungi.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a stretchable rope thing that you stretch out for someone to hold to the other end.  It launches said person across the lawn or other various other things at a pretty good rate of speed.  Well yesterday we got 10 inches of snowed dumped on us.  So my son has been chomping at the bit to get out on the snowboard.  Since we don’t have a lot of snow on the hilly areas, it isn’t good for snow activities so today he calls his buddy who owns one.  This is the first time my son tried it out even though he has been wanting one for months.

At  some point, they needed an extra person to help stretch the bungi because of how “strong” I volunteered (Not).  Anyway, it looked pretty fun.  I have never snowboarded, I used to skateboard in elementary school and true to form..did some pretty stupid things.  I had good balance.  It isn’t like that now.  The southerly gravitational pull that starts occurring at age 35 does something to the equilibrium.  After helping these boys a few times, I decided I wanted to try.  When I first stepped into the board that should have been a clue.  Did I stop there?…heck no!  I had to make a complete fool of myself before quitting.

I grabbed the rope and not only had I never been on a snowboard, but I was actually going to try the jump that had been built.  Snowplow is the only word that comes to mind that would describe my move.  I am not talking about the skiing “snowplow”  I am talking about the ones that go up and down the road.  I was wearing a snowsuit and I hit so hard I actually found snow in my pant pockets.  I nearly ate the entire path.  I won’t need a drink of water for weeks.  So what happens?  I get up and am told by my son and his friend to try it again.  Not sure if it was because they wanted to see me eat it again or what.  I had set the goal to go further than the original two feet.  I probably made three feet the second time before burying myself three feet under.  I have parts that are slowly starting to stiffen up.  Someday I might actually grow up and find these activities too much, but then what would I give my children to laugh about right?

So my morning has been a memorable one.  It is funny how one thing going wrong (i.e. alarm not going off) can lead to poor choices.

I woke to my alarm this morning realizing that my daughter, who should have been up an hour before me, was not up.  Panic set in and I flew out of bed to go get her up.  This one incident led to a choice I had to make this morning that I never care to make again.

Because I have teen daughters, I pretty much can tell when I can push things with them or not.  This morning was definitely a NOT.

My sons have to be on the bus at 6:50 a.m.  I have to be to school at 7:00 a.m.  My daughter is supposed to be to school at 6:30 and my other daughter has to be to work at 8:00.  So you see how one little thing go wrong in my morning and it is a disaster.

I got my sons fed and my daughter was still in MY shower, so I was forced to used the kid’s bathroom to shower.  I figured if I didn’t shower before the boys got on the bus, there was no way I was going to make it to school on time.  So I hurried and jumped into the shower in the kid’s bathroom without really assessing the situation like I should have.  I saw bottles of soap in there, but didn’t check to see if they were full.

In mid shower I realized I had no soap or shampoo.  This is bad people, real bad.  There was one bottle of soap in there and it was my only choice.  I knew given the situation of my daughter that there was no way I was getting soap out of my bathroom.  I knew she would not let my sons in there and my other daughter was still in bed.

I sat there looking at this bottle trying to pick my brain on how I got in this situation.  I finally realized I had no choice but to use this soap.  It was dog shampoo people.  Dog shampoo.  Is this what I have been lowered to in my own home?

It was supposed to be green apple scented…it just didn’t smell like green apple.  It may smell good on a dog, but it don’t on people.  I hurried and used it and got out, smelling that stuff everywhere I went.  No amount of perfume, hairspray or hair product could get rid of that smell.  Maybe it was more of a mental thing than anything else, knowing I had used dog shampoo.  I don’t know.

Even though this is supposed to give dogs shiny coats….does not do anything for people “coats”.  My hair looks like a cat has ratted it up and nested in it. It is so out of control.

Today I will avoid all eye contact with anyone thus avoiding any stares at this rug on my head and hope that no one can smell the weird fermented apple smell coming off of me. 

The only good thing that has come from this….It was anti-bacterial.  So I guess I just took care of the “cooties” that I was informed I had when I was in fourth grade.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

I met my lifetime quota for getting creeped out last night.  Needless to say, I have been up since 4:00 a.m. because I could not even begin to close my eyes after the following happened.

My husband works graveyard every four weeks.  He happened to start it this week.  I really hate it, but it is a job what do you do.  Because of him being gone at nights, I have a baseball bat, Walther, taser and various other items within arms reach of the bed.  Call me paranoid….

I have a daughter that gets up early for school because she has to be there by 6:30.  When my husband works day shift, he leaves around 4:00 a.m.  I am kind of used to hearing noises early and a lot of times it wakes me up.  My inner clock is still screwed up from daylight savings time, so I have been waking up an hour before my alarm clock goes off.  This morning, I was kind of waking up when I heard someone walking across the kitchen floor.

My daughter usually turns on every light in the house because she doesn’t like the dark.  She gets that from me.  Anyway, I could tell through my closed eyes that no lights were on.  I then heard the floor squeak at the bottom of my bed.  I had left a laundry basket full of towels there and thought my daughter was getting one to get in the shower.  My daughter’s dog that happened to be on my bed looked up but didn’t do anything. I waited for the light to come on and waited and waited.  I opened my eyes but didn’t look directly at the foot of my bed.  I had a light on my phone flashing in the corner of the room and looked at it to see if I could see a reflection.  I saw nothing.

About 3 minutes later, I felt the person walk past by bed and out of my room.  I lay there with my heart racing and didn’t dare move.  I finally turned over to see the clock to see if it was my daughter and it was too early for her to be up.  I then heard a weird noise that sounded like a cell phone ringer of some sort.  I stayed in bed for about 10 minutes, creeped out way more than I wanted to be.  Finally I grabbed my bat for the sake of protecting my sleeping  children and started through the house to see if someone was in it.

I tiptoed quietly hugging the walls so as not to be seen or make the floor squeak to alert someone to my presence.   I slowly checked all the rooms to find all of my children sound asleep.  I stood in the kitchen with the bat drawn wondering who in the heck…..?

As I turned to go back to my room, I ran smack into a chair that I could not see in the dark.  So whoever came through my kitchen missed the chair in the dark, but I did not.  Typical…  Gave myself a good knot on the shin.  I could not go back to sleep to save my life.  I was so freaked out.

When it came time to get everyone up, including my daughter whose alarm did not go off,  it was 20 questions time.  I was asking everyone who was walking through the house in the dark because they nearly got the carp beat out of them with the bat.  No one knows anything.  No one heard anything, no one remembers anything……..weird.   Really weird….

I have a son that is known to sleep walk, but he also sleeps with one of the dogs who usually comes running out of the room the minute his door is open.  But no dog to be seen anywhere.  Baffles the mind.  Hope I can sleep tonight.

Meet My Mother

Have you ever had all the stars and planets align up just right for the perfect payback?  Well it is coming my direction and the payback will be Friday!  If I could count the many ways my children have embarrassed me…..I don’t think I can count that high.  Or even the times other kids have embarrassed their parents.  Like the time my nephew took off through Kmart wearing a lady’s brassiere.  Glad that wasn’t my kid.  Or how about the time that my son got up to the drive-up window at the bank and asked for farties because he couldn’t pronounce smarties.  Oh, that was a good one.  I think of that one every time I go to the bank.

Then there was the time that one of my dear, sweet darlings left a Wal-Mart smiley face sticker on the driver’s seat of the car and I unknowingly sat on it and then walked all around town with said smiley face stuck to my butt.  Have you ever had one of those moments when you become aware of everything at once.  In my mind I retraced every footstep I made with that thing stuck to me.

An acquiantance’s daughter waited until an insurance salesman came and decided to bring in her potty training seat and proceeded to poo in front of the guy.  I think he should have gotten the hint that he needed to leave at that point.  That would be a good salesman deterrent.

Then there was my husband who at age 3 went for a ride on his bike and decided to crawl through a fence, ripping of his britches.  The neighbor brought him home in one hand and his drawers in the other.  Made my mother-in-law want to move to another town nearly.

I am sure every mother has similar stories.  This week-end is serious paybacks.  Our community is having a Halloween party.  My husband, kids and I  go all out for Halloween.  This year….Superheroes!  Well my daughter informs me she has a date on Friday.  (Inner smile)

I am setting up for the party at 5:30.  It starts at 6:30.  Her date is supposed to be by at 6:00.  (Insert another evil grin) Because of the time constraint, I will have to set up in my costume.  It is a policy of my husband and I to meet my children’s dates whenever possible.  This time is no exception.

When I started explaining to my daughter that I had to help set up at 5:30, but I would run back home at 6:00 to meet the date…..she got real quiet and then I heard a low throttling moan.  She realized that Batgirl would be greeting her date that evening and I will be arranging for Batman to  be close behind.

She was still moaning this morning every time she heard me doing the evil giggle I so enjoy doing when I am about to do something that is somewhat gratifying in an evil way.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Heee heee heee!

It is unavoidable.  I apologized to her, but not very sincerely.  I am thinking the whole gang needs to meet the date;  Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Spiderman and Captain America.  Perhaps he might think to himself that if he tries anything with her, that he has a household of complete loons that will come after him.  Works for me!  I guess this will prove how interested he really is in her right??

This cannot be any weirder than the fly I found floating in my oatmeal this morning…..still not sure how that happened.  I know that was random, but it still haunts my memory.  Haven’t been able to eat anything all day because of it.  Yuck!

Where Does It Go?

I have two sons that could eat anyone out of house and home.  When either one of them turn sideways they disappear.  One of them is 6′ 2″ by 6.2″ the other one is 5′ 6″ by 5.6″. So I am not sure where it all goes.  I think I lost my good metabolism on them when I gave birth to them.  Probably like most boys they are ready to eat again not even after 1 hour has passed after a meal.

Unfortunately I am at that state in my life that I am so over cooking for the “masses”.  I would rather graze than dirty a dish.  Take this morning for instance.  I tried to make apple pie turnovers…..  After the first turnover, or whatever it looked like, I decided to do a pie instead.  Hoping it would be more successful.  I spilled apple chunks all over the floor, cornstarch down the front of me.  The container that had my cinnamon and sugar mix had a hole that  it went all over the floor.  I spilled flour on the floor and when I tried to put the crust on the top of the pie, It looked like the worst plastic surgery nightmare ever.  I threw the pie and the one turnover and some pie crust cookies in the oven and proceeded to clean up my mess.

I managed to burn the pie crust cookies and my apple pie blew a hole in it that leaked down in the bottom of the stove causing plumes of smoke to infiltrate all parts of the house.  I have had enough of cooking!

After doing some waste of time housework, I decided to work on some homework.  I was about as frustrated with that as I was with cooking and was about to throw in the towel.  My 14-year-old son comes in and asks what is for lunch.  I really tried to avoid the question because let’s face it, I retired from kitchen work today.  I told him to give me a minute to finish the exercise I was on and I would try to find him something to eat.

Not even 5 minutes had passed and I hear him moaning, “I am starving, must have food”.  Then in his comedic style he starts carrying on the following conversation with himself:

“Maybe I will have to go in the back yard and dig in the holes for mice with Sport (a neighborhood dog that pretty much scrounges up its own food and has for years).  Or maybe I could go eat some weeds.  Oh, or maybe I could go look for the cow leg the neighbor’s dog had the other day.  It might still have some meat on it.  Hopefully I won’t have to go find the dog poo I threw over the fence yesterday.”

At this point I was laughing so hard, I was crying.  I could no longer ignore him.  I finally had to succumb to cooking again.  Wow….he really knows how to manipulate me.

I drew this picture of my handsome sons.  I know I don’t do them justice, but I hit the physique just about right.  Unicycle shirts and all!

Don’t get your hopes up.  This isn’t some fantastic recipe for Mexican food.  You couldn’t be so lucky.  My cooking basically is nothing more than a process to keep us alive another day.  I don’t waste a lot of time cooking for two main reasons: Number 1: I always make a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up.  Number 2: Delicious food skips the metabolism stage in my body  and goes directly to the hips, butt and thighs.  Why would I do that to myself?  I can’t think of one reasonable answer.  This post is about having someone else cook and clean and I get to spend precious time with my beautiful kids.  This is priceless.

So tonight was my date with two of the most handsome young men in my  life, my sons.  I look forward to these outings so much.  It is a time to relax and enjoy their company without any concerns of when to be home.  You can really find out a lot about your kids when you take the time.

There is this fantastic Mexican restaurant that is a favorite of ours.  Whenever we celebrate something special, this is the place we go.  Well when the boys were deciding what to do on our night out, El Toro Viejo was the place to eat.  I do not know what they put  in that food, but every time we eat there I get laughing and can’t stop.  Tonight was no different from any other time.

I have a reputation of mixing up my words or saying something really stupid at drive-up windows.  I have now entered into the restaurant sector.  When I went to order my chicken chimichanga, I accidentally said chicky.  I don’t know what came after that because I felt like an idiot at that point and was trying to cover my blunder.  I couldn’t even remember what it was I was ordering.  My sons wanted to climb in a hole.  I did too but no one else was going to order, so I had to pull it out and pull it together.

After we got our meal, my youngest son was sitting there and all of a sudden got a funny look on his face.  He slowly grabbed his napkin and started mopping at his pants.  He then says, “Why is it every time we come here I spill water on my pants thus making it look like I wet my pants”?  Of course me and my other son started laughing because it was true.  Only minutes later, this same son started laughing and looking at my other son and pointing at his shirt.  We all looked and he had spilled salsa all over himself.  This only made the laughing worse.  You may think I am kidding while telling this story but it is absolutely true.  Not even three minutes later, my “Salsa” son started  pointing and laughing at my “water” son.  Sure enough….salsa all over his shirt.  I could not stop laughing.  At this point I interjected with, “What is up with this?  I feel like I am eating with two kindergarteners”.  We all had a good laugh and finally settled down to finish our dinner.  As we are getting up to leave, my son erupted with laughter and started pointing at me……I too had succumbed to the massive spillage of  salsa down the front of my shirt.  He then says, “What is up with having to eat with two kindergarteners?” All control was lost at that point.  I was crying.  When I am at the tears point an extreme lack of oxygen then follows.  I nearly had to be carried out on a stretcher. Wouldn’t have been near as funny had we all not been giving each other so much carp over being “pigs”.

This restaurant was the same one that my sons and daughter started bouncing at various intervals to the tuba in the Mariachi background music.  I felt like I was in a Spanish version of “Whack-a-Mole”.  You could even pronounce it whatckamoley to sound like guacamole.  All that was missing was the club.  I left that by my bed at home.

Since I won’t leave you a recipe, I will leave you a piece of “Eating Out” advice.  Don’t like cooking, but can give advice:  Never and I mean never allow the waitress in a Mexican restaurant to sit you by the bathrooms.  You need at least 150 feet downwind. This is not pretty people.  Not pretty and very wrong.  I have found that there are a lot of people who can’t hold down their Mexican food.  This is not something you want to smell while eating.

So there is the advice for whatever it is worth.

Spongebob Stupid Pants?

Well I just found out my problem.  According to an article in Fox News this morning, I have a hard time paying attention because I watch Spongebob.     Researchers from the University of Virginia found that the learning ability of four-year-olds who watched nine minutes of “SpongeBob SquarePants” was severely compromised compared to four-year-olds who either watched the slower-paced TV show “Caillou” or spent time drawing.

Have you ever watched Caillou?  Makes me want to hurt myself.  Yes, I was the type of mother that would watch these TV shows with my kids.  I needed to know what they were watching.  None of us could stomach Caillou.  They need to research to find out just how many kids actually watch this show.

Yes, I am saying that sometimes I act like a 4 year old.  I enjoy Spongebob.  He is always so happy no matter what happens.  Of course he is also as dense as a field of rocks, but who cares.  Sometimes I think if we were all more like Spongebob we would get offended less by what other people say.

I grew up watching Looney Toons.  Now what does that tell you?  My daughter tells me that Looney Toons is educational.  She said she learned all of her classical music from these cartoons.  I am not sure that is entirely a good thing.  Some of my favorite Looney Toons was Road Runner and Coyote.  Now if that isn’t dangerous television, I don’t know what is.   Somehow in my child’s mind I was able to discern that nothing could survive what the coyote could survive,  why?  Because my mother watched them with us and would tell me so.  She taught me instead of letting the TV teach me.

The article goes on to say, “It is possible that the fast pacing, where characters are constantly in motion from one thing to the next, and extreme fantasy, where the characters do things that make no sense in the real world, may disrupt the child’s ability to concentrate immediately afterward.”  Is there any cartoon that exists that makes sense in the real world?  That is why they are called cartoons.

Sometimes I think that the “real world” is shoved down our kids throat so much that they don’t know how to imagine, or to pretend.  They wonder why kids have lost their ability to be creative anymore.  Kids need to be kids when they are kids. We need to quit trying to make adults out of our toddlers.  Society does not allow them to enjoy childhood anymore.  We start kids in school earlier and earlier.  I am waiting for Womb Preschool to show up someday.

Has the desire to have more educational shows for kids on TV come about because we as parents don’t want to “man” up to our responsiblity to teach them their ABC’s and 123’s?  Have we become so busy in our lives that we rely upon television to be a surrogate parent in our absence? 

My kids knew their ABC’s and 123’s before ever entering kindergarten because I sat and taught them to them with books, flashcards, while driving down the road and whenever I had the opportunity to do so.

I think the problem lies in too much TV.  We wonder why kids have behavior problems, etc.  Take a look at how much TV they are watching and perhaps the degrading content in them.  Take a look at how much time is spent playing video games.  We as parents have taken their ability to be creative away from them by constantly feeding them with entertainment until they cannot think for themselves.  

I watched an episode of Spongebob that truly depicts what is going on in our society.  It involves a big box that Spongebob and Patrick use to pretend they are many things.  It drives Squidward up a wall because he lives in “reality” and their box is completely stupid.  Finally Squidward succombs to the curiosity of the box and finds out how to pretend and finds just how much he enjoys it.

Spongebob harming kids?  I think not.  Sometimes it is healthy to be taken out of reality for a little while even if it is only for 9 minutes.  That is what keeps us sane.

A Son’s Love

I have such an adorable son.  Well two actually, but I am speaking of my fourteen year old who wrote this beautiful poem about me for his entire English class.

I am such a lucky mother.  He scored a perfect score.  I guess I can take some of the pats on the back for that since I was the object of the assignment.

Here is the world debut:


The look in her eyes playing video games,

The look on her face drinking rotten milk,

The red SUV that she always complains about

Her singing that everyone loved to hear

Her piano playing that is heard across the road

Her cookies we all love to hoard

The burnouts she’d do in the driveway

Throwing rocks all over our lawn

The socks she wears up to her thighs

Filled with weird and different designs

How she broke her toe at the DI

Unloading useless items

Yip…that is my life in a nutshell.  Exciting isn’t it? How lucky I am to feel the love of my children.  Someday………paybacks will be awesome!  No one is supposed to know about the socks.