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Every year come November, usually around the first part of the month I start to feel all of the walls closing in on me.  You would think that after so many years I would be used to it, but I get stressed out to the max and feel pulling to cord to get off at a different stop.

Many things combine to make me start feeling this way.  First of all it turns off cold.  I hate the cold.  It is pretty sad when the only things you want for Christmas are things that will keep you warm like warm slippers, onsie PJ’s and an electric blanket.  I can’t use these things any other time of the year but winter.  It sucks!

I begin to start feeling like I am being pulled in directions I physically cannot go.  Because the pulling begins all at once and never in the same direction.

When I get to this point, I start doing real stupid things.  Not consciously, I just get scattered brained and start doing things that I normally don’t do.

Like yesterday…

A guy came into school a couple of days ago needing a website made.  There are three of us that will be working on it.  Two of us were at school yesterday and the proposal had to be put together.  I was the guinea pig because I was the only one that new Excel.  This was the first big thing I have had to do since being in school.  I was stress out because it had to be done yesterday.

After about 2 hours of putting it together, when I finally finished I realized that I had to go to the bathroom like yesterday.  I don’t know if I am the only one like that or other people are, but when I am so into something I forget what is going on around me.  I decided I should run up the hall and “relieve my waters” before getting on with some of my other work.  Because I had been so stressed out, I wasn’t thinking clearly and before you know it I found myself standing in the men’s bathroom.

I hadn’t even noticed the different colored floor until it was too late.  I can only imagine the look of horror on my face when I realized what I had done.  I turned and hauled my butt out of there faster than you can say, “Bob’s your uncle”.  I didn’t look behind me to see if I had been seen coming out of there like there was a fire.  I told myself…..”It’s starting” I won’t be myself again until January.

So I say to myself, “So long semi-sane until later.  I can only hope that glimpses of you will occasionally emerge to let me know you are still there waiting to come back to stay.”

My daughter showed me this video last night that I can relate with.  I am “Granny” at this time of year.


New Found Love

Utah is known for its wonderful winters and the many activities associated with it.  I have lived here for 32 years and I do not like snow.  I like looking out the window at the beauty of it, but quiet frankly getting in it and driving in it is not something I enjoy.  There is not one piece of winter clothing that I have been able to find that will keep me absolutely warm.  Of course I do have a limited budget for that kind of thing so perhaps that is why I am always cold.  Each year my favorite time of year (Fall) is ruined by the looming arrival of the 10 below temperatures.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some winter activities that I like.  Tubing is really the only thing that comes to mind.  Other than curling up in front of my fireplace with some nice warm hot cocoa smothered in mallows.  That pretty much covers it.

My youngest son loves winter and wishes it was snowy all year-long.  The kid is messed up.  Anyway, this past year my kids have really gotten into ice skating and my sons want to play hockey.  Thanks to the olympics coming to town a few years back we have an ice arena that is open year round for them to enjoy winter activity in the summer.  Just when I was starting to think about the stinking cold weather coming, I have actually found an activity that might make it bearable.

I have watched parts of the Stanley Cup on TV.  This does not appeal to me at all.  In fact I find it quite boring.  Well a couple of days ago, my sons wanted to go to a high school game.  I decided I would take them and actually see a hockey game in person.

Addiction was instant.  This has got to be one of the most exciting games to watch in person.  Of course I see kids getting checked and cringe that my sons would enjoy this.  As a couple of boys started losing their tempers, I started chanting “Fight, fight”.  My son informed me that high school rules prohibit fighting or the player gets a fine.  That kind of burst my bubble.  When I started thinking about it, I decided that as much I would enjoy seeing two players or more go at it, that I would not want my sons to participate in such a non-gentleman like show of frustration.  I was informed that hockey is not a gentleman’s sport.  

As we left the building, I picked up a college schedule for my husband to take me to some games.  Fighting is allowed in the college games.  I find myself wanting to see this, yet find it horrible that men would act like that.  What is wrong with that?  I don’t know, but I am excited to see my first college game.  Winter might actually prove to be exciting this year.

Well I have had it!  I decided that since this stupid weather in Utah can’t decide to warm up that I was going to think positive and put up my pool thinking the theory “When I wash my car, it will rain” will apply.  Only it will be “I will put up the pool so the sun will shine”. 

This will probably be wishful thinking.  I will probably be scraping the snow off of it next week.  Today might be the warmest day in the next week to even swim and the water is freezing cold.

The official sign of summer is when the pool goes up.  In years past come March my kids would start asking, “When are we going to put up the pool?”.  Of course March in Utah is never a good time to put up a pool or even come within 15 ft. of an outdoor pool.  We are never that lucky.  Then it was April, then May and this year…no one has asked.  I was the one taking the initiative to do it.

I remember as a kid living in  Florida that everyday we went to the public pool.  It was great!  Anyone under 17 got in for free.  That was the life.  Of course it was about 115 degrees.  We would have died if we wouldn’t have been able to.  I think letting people in free to the pool was the city’s way of avoiding mass deaths during the summer months.  I remember swimming one day and seeing a guy do a belly flop off of an 80 ft. platform.  It didn’t kill him, but nearly.  He laid on the side of the pool for about 1 hour.  That single event made me never want to try high diving.

I truly believe that I am a fish in human clothing.  I love water and swimming.  This has not always been the case.  When I was 10 I almost drowned while living in Florida.  The scariest event of my life to date.  So it took some time for me to get over the fear of water.  I still do not like diving anymore.  If I don’t come up as fast as I should I start to panic.  Other than that, I am fine.  I even joined the high school swim team to get over my fear of water and to be able to have a class at school that I could play in the water for an hour.

I remember at age 17 we traveled to Florida for Christmas.  It was weird to see a Christmas without being in 5 feet of snow.  The weather was a balmy 72 degrees.  To Utahns 70 degrees in December is something you take advantage of.  So like a bunch of nut jobs, we went swimming in the ocean.  The Floridians walking the beach thought we were completely insane, but how many times to you get to swim in the ocean while living in Utah?  Oh, that would be  NONE!!!  I live near a carp invested river and that is the closest to a beach I get.  Of course we joke about our “beach front” property.  More like Redneck beach front property.  I truly believe that I have probably missing seeing one of those redneck houseboats floating down the river. 

Got to love summer.  One of my favorite seasons of the year.  Although it does bring some sadness this year.  It will be the first summer for 19 years  that I will not be at home with my kids all day doing that things you do when it is warm. This brings sadness to my heart.  I am almost done with school and hopefully will not miss another summer with them again.  The realization of how hard this would be hit yesterday, their full day at home and I was at school.  It nearly brought me to tears.  Being a stay-at-home mom has been the best job I have had for 19 years.  No, it doesn’t pay much, but the benefits and awards so outweigh the monitarial compensation.  I have truly been blessed to do this for so many years.

If anyone is familiar with the TV show “The Middle” then you will understand having a “Heck” moment.  One of their recent episodes was about them going on spring break and got a call from a neighbor that someone had broken in to their house and ransacked the place.  The Heck’s came back from Spring break vacation to find the cops there going over things.  The Heck’s realized that the house looked exactly the same as it did when they left…A huge mess.  Then everything went crazy from there on out.  You know if you possess the last name Heck that your day is going to go to pot really quick.  As did mine this morning.

We woke up  this morning as any normal morning.  I was in a good mood, the kids were dragging their butts out of bed as usual.  It was 5:45 a.m., so I will cut them some slack.  The first sign of trouble was when my daughter screams, “Don’t we have any hot water?”.  It went downhill from that point on.  I guess the wind blew out our pilot light on our hot water heater last night and no one knew except for my son who showered last night and ran out of hot water, but didn’t think to tell anyone.

I am scrambling to find matches that my children refuse to quit playing with.  Lucky for them I happened to find a couple.  I only had two chances to get the pilot light lit.   Thank goodness I got it on the first try.  My daughter thought there would be instant hot water.  After finding out that it would be a few hours before there was hot water her next comment was, “I refuse to go to school without a shower”.  I found her in back in bed.  This was not good.  I told myself…”Choose your battles, Heidi”.  After trying to calmly tell her that all of us would be leaving the house skanky smelling and that she was not alone,  I counted to twenty.  Hormones are seriously going to be the death of me. 

Of course, the power company had to be working on the power yesterday and had it shut down for most of the day.  I didn’t get anything done so we had no clean dishes.  I had no hot water to wash some so we were eating out of pretty much whatever I could find.  Shoes, mixing bowls, pans….whatever was available.

My daughter then decided she couldn’t miss school grabbed everything to head to school.  This was great except for one thing…….She had taken my make-up to put on when she got to school.  Did I have anything to cover my wrinkly, old face this morning???  NO!  No amount of counting was getting me out of this one.  My husband realized at this point it was best to stay out of my way and to add a please and thank you once in a while in passing.  I smell like last weeks laundry, my hair looks like carp and now my face will too.  This is going to be the greatest day of my life! (Insert sarcasm).

Those of you not living in Utah cannot begin to understand what Spring can be like.  Spring makes you think of beautiful flowers, green grass, budding trees, singing birds, etc.,etc.  That paints a very pretty picture.  BUT, and that is a big BUT, spring in Utah takes on a whole other meaning.  Take for instance two days ago. I was dressed up like “Randy” in The Christmas Story.  Thinking that I was not ever going to get warm. I would have put on 4 pairs of socks if I would have been able to get my feet in my shoes.  This is the end of March mind you.  It was cold and snowy.  Two days later…..nearly 70 degrees.  What????  I went swimming in the ocean in Florida  one December when it was 72 degrees.   Of course most of the Floridians at the beach thought I was a complete goon.   When you are used to Christmas being about 10 degrees, 72 is a flippin’ heat stroke waiting to happen.

Many people who are new to Utah are shocked by what some of us wear in these extreme temperatures.  I have spent most of my life in Utah and have still not gotten used to the cold temps.  It is the die-hards that I am talking about.  My son fits that category to the tea.  He has worn a coat once this winter to school.  A light jacket, or nothing is his usual pick.  One year his goal was to wear shorts everyday for the entire school year.  I think he made it except for one day.  Utah is known to get to 15 degrees or more below zero during the winter months.  This kid is nuts!  Any other state and I would have been turned into DCFS for child endangerment sending him to school like that.

I remember living in Florida as a kid and thinking that the 115 degree temperatures during the summer was going to kill me.  It didn’t seem to bother some people.  Us “implants” spent most of the days at the community swimming pool trying to keep the flesh from spontaneously combusting.  Of course in the south they shut down schools when they get an inch of snow.  We have to get about 2 feet or more for schools to close down.  Then it takes an act of congress to pass the closure.

We are all like critters in our own habitats.  You take us out of what we are used to and we can’t handle it.  It takes awhile to climatize for some of us and some of us never do.  When I think, I can get used to this………….it is supposed to snow in two days.  How? Why?  The questions that not even the weatherman can answer in this great state!  We just roll with the punches and hope that two days from now we don’t hit 100 degrees and stay there until September.  Yes, it has come close to doing that before.