So I sat down last night to watch the X-Factor and I was informed that I was not changing the channel because someone was watching the CMA’s.

I am not a huge country music fan.  Never was never will be.  It was killing me to have to watch this until……

Someone has told Hollywood a huge lie.  Someone has told them that some of the hideous outfits that they wear are actually fashionable.  I would be so disappointed to find this out after spending thousands on an outfit that looks like it got caught in a chipper shredder.

I was sitting there by myself because my daughter had left the room when Natasha Beddingfield made her entrance.  I sat with my mouth hanging opened thinking, ‘Wow, even hollywood is suffering from our piece of carp economy. That thing looked like octopus tentacles coming out from under a bathroom rug that a cat ratted with it’s claws. I found this exact rug at Amazon for $16.99.  I figure it probably took about 4 of them to make that skirt she was wearing which would have brought the bottom of half of the dress to $68.  The top was pretty much a brazier with material hanging from it.  You can get a cheap one of those for $5 and material for $2.79 a yard.  So in total, I figure she probably spent about $74.

Then Carrie Underwood came out in a placemat and bubble wrap.  I figure that about 6 placemats at $4.96 and a roll of antistatic bubble wrap at $21.  I believe that would make her outfit a $52 dress.

Then there was another Miss Underware…oh, I mean Miss Underwood’s dress that resembled a  lampshade. I was so afraid for her to move in for fear of seeing her underthings.  Lamp shade new is $37.29 or used at a shocking $32.66.

I personally do not see the draw to these types of fashions.  Let alone the cost someone asks for these.  Give me a pair of nice fitting comfortable jeans, a t-shirt and some converse sneakers and I can work any runway like those poor girls that haven’t eaten in years.