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Can I even begin to say how the whole dating scene is getting old for me? Since I have two cute, sweet daughters that are of dating age, the “cockroaches” have started coming out of the woodwork. I guess I shouldn’t call them that, they are God’s children too. I am seriously considering loading my Walther P22 and wait for them at the door each time someone takes one of my daughters out. What is wrong with boys now-a-days that they have to make girls so uncomfortable in their attempt to woo them over?  Isn’t there any decent boys out there that will treat a girl like a lady and keep their filthy hands off of them?  Have they ever thought that some girls don’t want to be treated like that? Or who when they are slightly attracted to them won’t go Ted Bundy on them?  Or how about this line on the first date……”I have had a vision and you and I are supposed to be married”.  What?????  Who says that?  Creepers, that’s who!  Or you are at an event and you are watching a previous date of your daughter’s stare at her constantly.  Made me feel disgusting and apparently my daughter noticed and it had the same affect on her.  I wanted to get up, walked down and look him in the eye and ask him if he wanted a haymaker. 

As you can see, I am frustrated and I am just the mother.  My oldest daughter has fell victim to a Facebook stalker who comments on everything she posts.  I guess that perhaps this is some guy’s way of letting a girl know he is interested; but if that girl makes no effort to accept date offers etc., wouldn’t the guy get the hint that the girl doesn’t want to go out with him and that perhaps his creepy stalker attitude has not made a good impression?

Or how about the boy that the poor girl is just friends with who knows that she only thinks of him like that and she is constantly having to avoid his advances and date requests because of how uncomfortable it is making their friendship.  I understand that there is a weeding out process associated with picking a spouse, but come on!

Then there is the guy who is extremely friendly with the mom to try to get an “in” with the daughter.  This one does not work with me.  I have a sixth sense when it comes to picking out the “Jeffrey Dahmer” type personalities.  Then there is the guy who proceeds to tell a sweet, naive young 18 year old that he walked in on his wife having an affair in hopes that he can score points with her.  Then he proceeds to brag about beating a friend’s husband up, etc.  Oh, yeah….scoring points alright.  Marilyn Manson points.

I am the type of person who prefers to keep her mouth shut instead of cause trouble.  Well, I have a daughter that will speak her mind probably when she shouldn’t and won’t when she should. Because of this, she put me in a very uncomfortable situation with a suitor of hers.  A very close acquitance, not as in relation but proximity has really put me over the edge.  This person has not seen my daughter for about 8 years.  I didn’t care for him as a youngster because he stole from us and ruined some of my son’s toys.  So my opinion wasn’t good of him to begin with.  Anyway, he happened to find my daughter on Facebook and immediately started telling her how hot she was, etc.  I have since put every weapon I own in an arms length of me when he is in town visiting. 

It got really upset with him last fall, my daughter even got creeped out by him.  He invited my her to a dance at his high school.  He lives in another state.  Of course there was no way this was happening in my book because my  daughter’s curfew is midnight.  That would have been impossible.  Not to mention the testosterone running in this kid is way to high for most mothers.  This kid would randomly appear outside around dusk where he could see in my daughter’s window.  He was on our property so it was creeping me out.  My daughter avoided him and blocked him on Facebook etc.  Well it has been a few months and guess who shows up at my house yesterday while my daughter was outside?  No clue that the blocking of him on Facebook meant, “I don’t want to be your friend”.  I looked out the door and almost lost it.  I don’t trust the kid whatsoever and my daughter does not like being mean to people most of the time, so she stood and talked to him.  I called her in the house and he sat outside and waited for her to come out.  She went back out to talk to him, and kept a fence between them.  I decided to let him know that I was watching, so I went outside and walked around the yard. 

My daughter came over shortly and thanked me for coming out because she didn’t know how to tell him he needed to go home.  Then this dear, sweet child who doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings proceeded to tell me that she told him that he had better go home because I was there and she didn’t know if I liked him or not.  Well the answer to that would be NOT!  But in my mother fashion, I turned to her and asked, “What the heck did you tell him that for?  If he goes home and tells his parents (who we know) that I feel that way, it could not be good”.  I thanked her for making me look like a mean person.  After I contemplated the situation more, I decided…”You know what, she just told the truth because I don’t really care for him so why am I so upset with her?”  If his parents find out I feel that way, there will be one of two reactions: One: They will never speak to me again.  Two: They might take a look at their son and wonder what it is about him that I would cause  me to not like him.  Of course, I have completely different standards than his parents, so I am thinking the first reaction will be the winner.  At least he knows to tread lightly.  I am a peaceful person, but I can become a mad bull if someone messes with my kids.

Sometimes, girls just need to speak their minds.  Sometimes that is the only thing that will make these “bad dates” go away.  I had two stalkers when I was younger and If I would have just got rid of the mile-wide yellow stripe going down my back and told them what I thought of them, perhaps they would have gotten the hint.  Some are so thick that it takes more than that, but perhaps it would have saved me from alot of uncomfortable situations.

We live in such a different world, sometimes it is scary to speak the truth because there are a lot of creeps out there that are unpredictable.  We have a rule in our house that no one dates until they are 16 years old.  My daughter was approached by a kid at school who asked her out.  First of all, my daughter wouldn’t have dated him because of the type of person he was and second she was only 15.  After her repeatedly turning him down, he proceeded to make her entire school year miserable for her.  He would go to the principal and make up lies about her.  He would attack her with horrible notes in class in front of everyone.  He was a disgusting young man who was an underage drinker and had a violent temper.  When my daughter got sick of him and finally started standing up for herself, then the abuse got worse.  He has proved the type of person we thought he was and I am gratetful for a daughter with a head on her shoulders who knew not to go out with him to begin with. 

I wish that there were more decent and respectful boys out there.  I am beginning to think that they have gone the way of the dinosaur.  I guess there will be a lot “weeds” you will have to pull to find a good guy.  It was the same with me, but getting rid of those nasty weeds was sure worth getting my husband!


I love May.  May is one of the most looked-forward-to months in our home. In our community, the men do a “Father/Son’s Campout” every year.  This is a fantastic time for the “boys” to spend a night with Dad doing what boys do.  This year all three of my boys took second in their division for “Donkey Kicking”.  Not sure if this is really anything to brag about, since I am not really sure what they actually did.  It was great to hear how excited my sons were.  They were even excited that their Dad came in second also.

This is such a great experience for the men.  The women, (me and my daughters) spend most of the time praying that it won’t get cancelled because of weather, because we get to party and play also.  We plan ahead for months on what we are going to do.  So to have anything cancelled is devastating to all.

Going out to eat is a must.  We try to try a different kind of food all the time.  Which after last year, I think we were banned from our local Chinese restaurant because we got on a giggle kick and couldn’t stop.  I am not entirely sure what was so funny come to think about it.  There was no drinking involved.  I don’t drink alcohol.

This year, the girls decided they wanted to go rock climbing.  What?  Did I hear you  correctly?  (That was my response)  I have never done this activity and not really sure to be honest if I had a desire to ever do this activity.  I am scared of heights.  In trying to be a good mom and take chances for the sake of my daughters, I went along.

I have tried many things for the first time on these outings.  For one, I had no desire to ever eat an octopus.  I have tried it and that is all I will say about that.  They are still working on me for sushi.  That will never happen.

At the rock wall, we had to get balet certified.  This frightened me to think that one of my two small in stature daughters would be holding my weight up.  When it was my turn to scale the wall, I could feel the heart racing and sweat starting.  I didn’t dare look up or look down.  Just when I thought I couldn’t go anymore, I glanced up and found that I was almost to the top.  I did it!  I made it.  When it came time to come down, I was freaking out because if my daughters couldn’t hold me up they would both end up being flat fritters when I came barreling down at 90 mph.

My daughter kept yelling at me to relax and just let her drop me.  Those are scary words coming from a child.  I decided to trust her and I came down.  It was a little bumpy, but I kissed the ground when I reached it.  Another “first” under the belt.

There is nothing like being scared senseless, eating at a mexican restaurant at 10:30 at night and completely laughing our heads off and then staying up until 1:00 .m.  scaring ourselves senseless again with a movie.  It reminds me of the MasterCard commercial.  It was priceless.

I now look forward to the Mother/Son’s outing in October where, I get hang with my boys  and do whatever it is boys like to do.   I am such a lucky mom!  I love my life!