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Enough is Enough!

Sign petition here:   http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/firing-of-lawrence-o-donnell.html

Some of you may or may not know that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Or you might know us by the name Mormon. Yes, I belong to the same faith as Mitt Romney.

I am usually a peaceful person. I try to follow the teachings of God and Jesus Christ the best I can. I have my faults just like every person on this earth. I try to be accepting of all people’s beliefs and respect them for that. I rarely try to initiate conflict in any way, but something has happened that has cut me to my very core.

There are three things that I will go to my death fighting for. One: God, Two: Family, Three: America. Now if anyone messes with these three things or disses on them in any way, it will set a “sleeping lion” off in me like none other.

An attack has been made upon my belief system that I view as an attack on religion altogether in the media. Even though I have my issues with Newt Gingrich and his lack of morality in marriage, he was right when saying that the media is having an all out attack on religion.

When someone who holds the title of journalist they are held to a code of ethics. Here is the preamble for that very code:

Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Society’s principles and standards of practice.

The following is the SPJ’s code of ethics:

Seek Truth and Report It
Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.

Journalists should:

— Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible.
— Diligently seek out subjects of news stories to give them the opportunity to respond to allegations of wrongdoing.
— Identify sources whenever feasible. The public is entitled to as much information as possible on sources’ reliability.
— Always question sources’ motives before promising anonymity. Clarify conditions attached to any promise made in exchange for information. Keep promises.
— Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material, photos, video, audio, graphics, sound bites and quotations do not misrepresent. They should not oversimplify or highlight incidents out of context.
— Never distort the content of news photos or video. Image enhancement for technical clarity is always permissible. Label montages and photo illustrations.
— Avoid misleading re-enactments or staged news events. If re-enactment is necessary to tell a story, label it.
— Avoid undercover or other surreptitious methods of gathering information except when traditional open methods will not yield information vital to the public. Use of such methods should be explained as part of the story
— Never plagiarize.
— Tell the story of the diversity and magnitude of the human experience boldly, even when it is unpopular to do so.
— Examine their own cultural values and avoid imposing those values on others.
— Avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or social status.
— Support the open exchange of views, even views they find repugnant.
— Give voice to the voiceless; official and unofficial sources of information can be equally valid.
— Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting. Analysis and commentary should be labeled and not misrepresent fact or context.
— Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two.
— Recognize a special obligation to ensure that the public’s business is conducted in the open and that government records are open to inspection.

Minimize Harm
Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect.

Journalists should:

— Show compassion for those who may be affected adversely by news coverage. Use special sensitivity when dealing with children and inexperienced sources or subjects.
— Be sensitive when seeking or using interviews or photographs of those affected by tragedy or grief.
— Recognize that gathering and reporting information may cause harm or discomfort. Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance.
— Recognize that private people have a greater right to control information about themselves than do public officials and others who seek power, influence or attention. Only an overriding public need can justify intrusion into anyone’s privacy.
— Show good taste. Avoid pandering to lurid curiosity.
— Be cautious about identifying juvenile suspects or victims of sex crimes.
— Be judicious about naming criminal suspects before the formal filing of charges.
— Balance a criminal suspect’s fair trial rights with the public’s right to be informed.

Act Independently
Journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know.

Journalists should:

—Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.
— Remain free of associations and activities that may compromise integrity or damage credibility.
— Refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel and special treatment, and shun secondary employment, political involvement, public office and service in community organizations if they compromise journalistic integrity.
— Disclose unavoidable conflicts.
— Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable.
— Deny favored treatment to advertisers and special interests and resist their pressure to influence news coverage.
— Be wary of sources offering information for favors or money; avoid bidding for news.

Be Accountable
Journalists are accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers and each other.

Journalists should:

— Clarify and explain news coverage and invite dialogue with the public over journalistic conduct.
— Encourage the public to voice grievances against the news media.
— Admit mistakes and correct them promptly.
— Expose unethical practices of journalists and the news media.
— Abide by the same high standards to which they hold others.

With this said and listed I created a online petition to get Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC fired for his unethical reporting. His latest has been a spew of lies regarding the church I belong to. This man has in no way done his research completely to be able to accurately report on something he knows absolutely nothing about.

Mr. O’Donnell has repeatedly broken the code of ethics for the Society of Professional Journalists. When companies hire and employ people who feel that their perception of things is more truthful than the facts themselves, then they need to be removed from a position of influence to unsuspecting listeners or viewers. Mr. O’Donnell has repeatedly failed to do his homework on many of his comments and thus has broken the very code of ethics he is required to follow by his profession.

I call all to sign the petition and thus take back our country and make the Media themselves be held to a higher standard of truthful reporting. Too many misunderstandings and misinformation comes from the media and we as a people need to hold them to a higher standard because of the potential influence they have on the world.

If you have any moral fiber in your body to stand up to this type of reporting then please sign this petition and lets send a message to the media that we are tired of the lies and hatred they create in this beloved country of ours. We are here to help  one another and build this great nation,  not tear each other down and create disharmony within our own walls. This country is run by the people for the people, not by  media or by government. It was set up for the people to make change and be change. I call for action.




Lately my heart has been heavy hearing about all of the children that are going missing.  I cannot even begin to feel what these parents are going through.  I made this video and right after I posted it, another 11-year-old girl was on the news.  Missing after leaving school.  Perhaps some comfort can be found in knowing that where ever these kids are and whatever has happened or is happening to them, God is with them.  He feels the sorrow these parents are feeling and I am sure He has shed many tears for these families.

As a mother, this is one of my worst nightmares.  I pray for these families.

Still Kicking!

I am not one who believed that the world would end today.  I did not waste one minute or dollar worrying about it.  I do feel sorry for the poor old sap that spent his life savings of $140,000 to advertise that it was coming to an end.  What a waste.  Yeah you can’t take it with you, but he should have saved that money for when gas hits $10 a gallon and a loaf of bread will cost the same as a small child.

I find it ironic how many people believed this.  So many people are misled by those who have a warped sense of divine inspiration.  Do I believe the world will end, yes.  But it will not be totally obliverated.  It will just not be the same as we know it.  It will be better when all is said and done.  As you read the  bible and begin to understand the bible you will see the signs and wonders to look for for this day.  I have seen some, but not all.  That is why I was not worried.  I am greatful for the knowledge I have that I can gain personal revelation from God for myself and know what is true and what isn’t.  That is a blessing in my life that I will always be greatful for.

I see God’s wisdom in having true and living prophets on the earth to guide us.  How else are we going to be able to tell the truth from the falsehoods.  So many people have stopped believing in the bible.  When you consider that there are 3,000+ different copies of the Bible one wouldn’t wonder why people think it is just a made a story.  Who are people to think they can add too or take away from the bible unless that revelation has come directly from God.  Who else would know the history of the world and what was true and what wasn’t.  No one knows when the world will end and I see God’s wisdom in that too.  If everyone knew when the exact day the world would end, they would repent the day before of all the  bad things they have done and hope  to make it to heaven.  When we don’t know when that day will come, then it spurs us to live the kind of lives we should be living on a daily basis so that when they day comes we have no reason to fear God or his judgements.  We live like that because we love Him and want to live with Him forever, not because we want to live in the world and “be of the world” up until the last minute without really  having a desire to be good and  live righteous lives.

Speaking of the world ending, it almost did  yesterday but it wasn’t because of the reasons told, it was because of me.  I had an experience that totally floored me.  I am the type of person who tries to see the good in all people and I am fairly trusting because I try to be like that.  I was selling a Louis Vuitton replica handbag in our local classifieds and was contacted by a lady who wanted to purchase it.  She lived about 90 miles south of us and didn’t want to come to my house to buy it.  I being accomodating (this is probably one of my weaknesses) told her that I would overnight it to my sister who lived in the area she did so it would be there the next day.  Then I told her my sister would contact her to make arrangements to pick it up.

The woman then proceded to ask me if I was the type of person who would make a deal with someone and then at the last minute decided to sell it to the highest bidder or whoever came first.  I related a story to her of a situation where someone did that to my husband when he drove 180 miles to buy a car from someone and had made arrangements ahead of time, and when he arrived the person selling the car had just sold it to someone  who showed up 5 minutes before my husband had.  This is about the lowest any individual could get next to pond scum on my list and so I will not do that to anyone. I told her that a deal is a deal and I meant that.

With the arrangements made, I shipped off the handbag which cost me a fair amount and waited for a call from my sister so I could give her the information to deposit the money in my account.  Well, I got a call from my sister alright.  When she called this invidual to tell her the bag had arrived.  The lady told her she was no longer interested in it and didn’t want it.  This was when the world just about ended.  It probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much had this woman expressed her concerns over MY integrity.

I am still speechless.  You don’t know how I used restraint in not calling her up and expressing my “dissatisfaction” in her behavior.  In fact, if it had not been for the good examples of my daughter’s who told me to not doing anything while I was mad, I probably would have.  Who cares about the bag not selling, it was her character that appalled me.  Not once did she consider me and my costs involved.  If she didn’t want it, why didn’t she call me and tell me.  Why didn’t she offer to pay the shipping costs I was out for flaking out on me the last minute. 

My sister called me this morning to see if I had calmed down and then proceeded to tell me that the world almost ended today because of something that happened to her.  One of my mother’s dearest possesions was a horseshoe set that belong to her father.  After her father died she cherished this horshoe set because my grandfather had made it.  My mother died 14 years ago in a car accident and my sister got the horseshoe set.  She also cherishes this set like my mother did.  Last year, one of the stakes ended up missing.  She has gone crazy trying to find it.  It nearly broke her heart.  She lives in a duplex and was out cleaning out the garage this morning when she looked down and noticed the stake laying in the grass next to her neighbors weight bench.  This man had taken from her yard,wrapped electrical tape around the ends and was using it for his weight set.  He had had it in his house since last year and had just moved his weights outside.

Now people if you wonder why the world will come to an end, it is because of examples like these.  A lot of people don’t care anymore how they treat their neighbors.  They have no conscience of guilt and until everyone lives Christlike lives and treats other’s the way they want to be treated, the world will come to an end.  Because Satan’s influence runs so rampant in the hearts of the children of men, we will never see peace in this world until the Son of God returns.  Because a lot of people have no desire to change.