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I know it is a job and someone has to do it, but in my opinion the salesman is the worst job on the planet. I sometimes think a prerequisite for this job title is being obnoxious. The job in and of itself is obnoxious in nature.   To mix that with a personality of someone who has to be pushed to her limits before she would mistreat someone is nothing more than a setup to get taken advantage of.

As I have gotten older it is a lot harder for me to mistreat someone. I haven’t always been kind and have said hurtful things in the past, but it is just not in my nature anymore to mistreat someone.  I have to get really mad at someone before I rip into them and it takes a lot to get me to that point. I hate this about myself at times because it sets me up to get taken advantage of. My husband on the other hand is not like that, but I force him to be because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. I don’t think I have done him any favors.  Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a very kind, honest and truthful person and his fault to this is that he thinks everyone else is and so he trust people whom he shouldn’t.  Women’s intuition plays into this somewhat because if I have any red flags go up over anything, I don’t trust very quickly.  I am honest also, I am just more cautious.

This is where run ins with salesmen are just horrible for me.  I don’t trust any of them because of the experiences I have had with them and yet, I can’t mistreat them. My mother didn’t take garbage off of anyone and my father was the opposite.  I am most like my father in this way, but it took a salesman for me to see a side of my father I did not know existed.

When I was four years of age I remember being at home with my mom one day when a salesman tried breaking into our home. My mom was on the phone to her sister when the guy tried every door in the house.  Her and I was curled up in a corner of the kitchen hiding with the phone hoping the guy would leave.  It scarred me. I have never been trusting of them since this and I haven’t had one that has changed my mind.

Another time when after I was married and was home alone a guy showed up selling something. I told him I wasn’t interested and he insisted on coming back when my husband got home.  I thought to myself that if the guy showed up I wouldn’t open the door.  I had to leave for some reason and had put a note on a whiteboard for my husband that said this, “Some obnoxious salesman said he was going to show up tonight.  If he comes, don’t answer the door”.  Well, I came home and had gone upstairs for awhile, pretty soon my husband called me and as I came downstairs there stood the salesman. My husband obviously didn’t see the note I left for him, but the salesman did.  At that point, the look that guy gave me sent shivers down my spine.  He was extremely angry.  He said nothing and stomped out of the house.  After he left, my husband asked me what was up with that….I pointed out the big note I had left him.  We both laughed pretty hard over it even though I was a little rattled over the look he gave me.

Years ago when I was a teen, a Kirby vacuum salesman came to our home.  My mother answered the door and told the guy she was  not interested.  He became extremely pushy and even trying to forcing himself into the door.  My mother had braced her foot against the door to keep him from getting in, but the guy was still trying.  This is where my father showed up and told the guy with “fist in the air” to get out or he would do something he regretted.  The guy left, but we soon  found out that he had been causing problems like this throughout the whole neighborhood.  We reported him and he never came back.

I am not sure what rigors Kirby goes through to train their salesmen, but they are the closest thing to Satan’s spawn I know of.  I don’t have a peep-hole on my front door and have opened the door to many a people  I would have preferred to keep the door shut on.  The Kirby salesman who came back later peeping in my daughter’s window was one of them.  I threatened Kirby that if one of their salesmen ever came back I would call the cops on them.  It didn’t stop them.  A few years later I had one show up that tried to force his way into my house.  He didn’t come right out and tell me the company he represented or else I would have followed through on my threat.  I refuse to let anyone in my home when I am here alone.  He was trying every means possible to get into my home to demonstrate a shampooer.  When I told him that I have a shampooer then he started on a vacuum, this is where the red flags started going up.  I immediately told him I was not interested, I was supposed to get a free set of knives despite the fact.  Eight years later and I have not received them.  It wasn’t until I got a follow-up phone call from Kirby that I realized that they were the company this guy represented.  I went off on them again and threatened them with a lawsuit. I haven’t seen them since, but that don’t mean they won’t try some other way to get in.  In 1992 a woman was raped by a Kirby salesmen.  In 2010 a Kirby salesman hit a poor man in the head with a handheld vacuum when he was asked to leave the property. These people are evil. The list of crimes these people commit against others is deplorable.

Next to these guys in line for the Satan’s Spawn title would be insurance salesmen. When my husband and I were newlyweds we had one show up on our doorstep.  I swear they scope the neighborhoods looking for new move ins. From the start I knew this guy was a scam artist.  He started his sales pitch by telling my husband and I all of his marriage problems.  I thought to myself…”Are you selling insurance or needing marriage counseling?”  If it was marriage counseling I would have told him his first mistake was telling complete strangers way too much information about his personal life.  My husband and I patiently sat through 3 hours of his going on and on about his life.  I was about ready to take a bullet just to put myself out of misery.  Neither one of us wanted to be mean because of the sad story he had just given us.  When he finally got around to selling the insurance, he  showed me a list of people who had signed up with him.  One name in particular jumped out at me.  It was a lady that I had used to work with that had cancer.  After the sucker left, I called  her and she told me she had no idea who this guy was and that he was lying.  He had somewhere gotten medical information about people that he was fraudulently using.  We thought we would not see the guy again after we told him we weren’t interested.  Nay, nay…a month or so later he showed up as we were leaving.  This time I let my husband do his thing and he pretty much told him where to go and how to get there.

The list goes on and on.  Salesmen remind me of Bill Clinton.  In what way you ask?  Bill Clinton seemed to think that there was more than one definition for the word “is” during his scandal with Monica Lewinsky. ????  What? Is? Salesmen seem to think that there is more than one definition for the word “No”.  Since a small babe in arms, I knew what no meant and if I did the opposite I would get it. Salesmen don’t seem to know how to differentiate between No and No.  Case in point:

Yesterday, someone knocked on my door.  I was expecting a delivery that I had to sign for.  Thought it was them only to find myself in that all too familiar uncomfortable spot of being face to face with a salesman.  The guy asked how I was doing…1st red flag…Then he was halfway up the sidewalk and I wasn’t sure why until he asked..”We are selling meat and wondered if you had ever bought from us?”  I said no and before I knew it he was running back to his truck to grab the other guy and boxes of meat.  Didn’t give me one chance to decline.  If I had a backbone, I would have shut the door and locked it just then.  They pretty much came right through my front door and headed for my kitchen…2nd red flag. I wondered how the guy knew where he was going.  This still disturbs me.  I kindly told him to come back to my front room.  Within seconds flat he had 10 boxes of meat out on the floor pitching  numbers and cost faster than you can say, “Bob’s yer Uncle”….3rd red flag.  He was trying to trick me into accepting his offer by asking me if I would use it…I thought what kind of stupid question is that.  If you buy food, don’t you usually eat it?  After he told me that the cost of meat would be $3000 for a 3 months supply, that was it.  I told him I did not have that kind of money. Then comes the “My boss will give you a deal” pitch.  I hate this by-the-way, it really insults what little intelligence I have.  I am thinking to myself, if your boss allows a deal then why  are you trying to scam people for double that cost….4th red flag.

Despite me telling him numerous times that I won’t buy he keeps going from one angle to the next.  Finally he asked if they were wasting their time.  I told him yes.  He then asks me to tell him a name of a friend to go sale to and in exchange I would get a free box of meat.  I absolutely refuse to do that to anyone.  The ironic thing is that this is a farming community where a lot of the people grow their own beef. Which I informed him hoping he would leave people alone.  I don’t think it phased him.

After they left, I yelled at myself for 2 hours about how stupid I was to let them walk right into my home.  If these two had bad intentions, I would have been in an extremely bad situation.  I have gone years without a “no solicitation” sign on my door, but decided to put one up yesterday because I am sick of the confrontations.  Ironically enough, my daughters were against this.  We had a warm 1 hour discussion on how I need to “man-up” and just get mean.  “Tell them no, mom” they said.  My dear sweet daughters don’t realize that doesn’t work.  They were embarrassed by everything I put on the sign.  I made it myself and was quite proud of it.

But…what makes me laugh at this whole thing….my daughter asked me to excuse her from her first hour today.  Why you ask? She received a love letter from a boy in that class and she didn’t want to face him.  Ironic isn’t it? My response…”Man-up you can’t avoid it forever”.  I then asked her if she wanted me to make her a sign.. in which she refused.


Carp is hitting the fan!

I am usually a very calm, patient individual.  I do have my moments though.  There are certain buttons of mine that can get pushed that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should ever push.  Case in point:  I have been receiving some obnoxious phone calls lately.  By the way, I am on the National Do Not Call List which I have decided is somehow flawed.  I put this disgusting picture up to represent the particular company I am about to expose as one of the worst companies on the planet when it comes to certain selling practices.  If this was limited to only one incident then I wouldn’t post this, but since there have been numerous I am letting it all out!

So, I get this call it comes in as ADK on my caller ID.  I answer the phone and a women proceeds to tell me that I have qualified for a free drawing for food and because of that I also qualify for a free cleaning of furniture or carpet.  Now, the whole time I am thinking, ‘Wait, I never signed up for any free food drawing”.  When she was halfway through her spill, I hung up.  I thought this is a scam, I didn’t sign up for anything.

It kept bugging me, so I looked up the phone number on the Internet.  This particular company is Kirby Vacuum cleaners.  Carp hit the fan! (Carp/Crap it is the same thing)  I was so mad when I found this out.  I received another call from them again today which I regrettably missed because I was in the middle of an important phone call and couldn’t hang up.  One might think, “O.K. that is a little over the top to get that mad over a phone call”.  Well flashback a few years ago……

I know without a shadow of a doubt that dogs have the ability to sense evil when they see it.  When you live with a dog for so long, you know by that dog’s bark when the dog is extremely disturbed about something.  We had a collie (she died last year…may she rest in peace) who was the absolute best dog ever.  She never bit anyone, she didn’t even chew on my kids when she was younger.  Very gentle giant.  She was also a good guard dog and would let us know when someone was at our house or something wandering around the house, etc.

This particular day, I was home alone with my kids and all of a sudden I  heard her come completely unglued.  Now, this was not just the old run of the mill “someone is here” kind of bark.  She came unglued.  I have never heard her bark like that and never since that day did I hear her bark like that.  I seriously thought a mountain lion or something had wondered into our yard.  Shortly thereafter a knock came to the door.  I was very hesitant to open the door mostly because of the way the dog was barking.  When I looked out the window, I saw a car that looked like a car that belonged to a neighbor.  I knew that her son was terrified of dogs, so I panicked thinking it might be him and I hurried and opened the door.   To my dismay…..it was not this young boy.  It was a complete stranger.

When he heard the door open, he turned around and started walking back to the house.  At this point, he bent over to pet my dog and she nearly took his hand off.  I was so startled at her reaction that I just stood there wondering what the heck was going on.  He proceeded to tell me that I had won a set of knives and if I just signed the paper he would give them to me.  I stupidly signed and then he said that he wanted to do a demonstration of a carpet cleaner.  I had a bad feeling and refused to let him in.  He told me he would come back later when my husband was home.  I thought to myself, “Go ahead, but I won’t open the door”.

I forget about it as the day went on and later that night some of us were in watching TV and my daughters were playing in their room.  It was just about dark.  All of a sudden, my daughters came screaming into the family room telling us that some guy was looking in their window.

My husband and I both jumped off the couch and ran to the front room.  I saw the car pulling out of the driveway as my husband ran to throw some pants on head for the car.  I recognized the car as the same one the Kirby guy was driving.  We live in a rural area with roads going every which way and by the time my husband got to the corner, he couldn’t see the perv in any direction.  My daughters couldn’t sleep for weeks because it scared them that bad.

Now, I didn’t realize this guy worked for Kirby until about two weeks later when I got a follow up call from them about their recent visit to my home.  This made me even more mad.  I told them what had happened and that the sucker was lucky he wasn’t in jail after what he did.  I told them to never contact me again.  Some people need a dictionary to see what NEVER means, really!

These people are horrible.  They should be shut down forever.  Years ago as a teen, my parents had a run in with one that had been roaming the neighborhood scamming people.  He was telling everyone they had won a trip and all they had to do was let him demonstrate the vacuum.  Well my mother was disturbed about this and called Kirby and they said that they were not giving away any trips.  The man came to our house and my mom called him out on his lies.  This man got so mad at her.  I saw a side of my father that day that I had never seen.  This man raised an arm to hit my mom and my dad was on him so fast that I didn’t know what was happening.  My father is a small guy but very strong.  He physically had to force that man out of our house.  I stood in shock.  I had never seen anyone assault anyone, let alone my mother and then to see that side of my “gentle” father come out.  That does something to a kid.  I have never forgotten it.  At that point I knew I would never trust the  Kirby company no matter how good their products may or may not be.  So far my opinion has not changed.

If Kirby is causing their sales people to be like this they need to be shut down.  They lie, they manipulate and they are lower than scum in my book.  I just sent the company a very “forceful” letter since I couldn’t reach them by phone.

By the way, I never got the knives….probably best if you know what I mean.