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So after a few busy weeks, I am back. My life has been chaotic lately.

I also started a new blog called “Where In The World is Jay”.  A little bit about how it started.

To understand how funny I find my husband, I have never seen anyone as tenacious as he once he starts mowing. We live on a five acre piece of land which gets covered with field grass.  One day he was out mowing our regular lawn and he disappeared. I found him clear out in the field mowing. He is the kind of guy that once he starts going, he will find anything that needs mowing down and go at it.

A couple of years after we were married he was out mowing with the riding lawn mower and I looked out to see nothing but a giant ball of dust.  All of a sudden I see him running toward it and in the middle of this dust ball was the riding mower climbing a fence post. I stood there with mouth open trying to figure out how the mower got up the fence post without my husband on it.  I still to this day don’t know and neither does he.  He is as tenacious with the weed whacker as he is the mower. Many times I have seen him in the field chopping away at anything that looks like a weed.  I have lost many of flowers and plants to that thing. May they rest in peace.

So a couple of days ago he was mowing the lawn.  I went to the kitchen sink to get a drink. I looked out the window and saw him mowing the lawn in shorts and snowboots.  Earlier that day we had been hauling stuff to a recycling place and he had stepped in a horse size pile of dog poop.  We don’t have dogs that size, nor do our dogs ever go in the front yard. So stepping in it was an unpleasant surprise. So he put them on to mow the lawn to keep from getting dog poop on his good shoes. It was nearly 80 degrees outside, I don’t know how he could stand it.

I was on the phone to my sister and told her that she needed to see what he was wearing.  She wanted me to upload the picture to my facebook page for her to see.  Well I decided that that was too boring so I was going to have some fun and I Photoshopped him into mowing The White House lawn.

It started from there that we decided to start a series called “Where in the world is Jay?”.  We started coming up with some really funny ideas of where one would find my husband and his mower.

So click on the link on the side under “Family” on  “Where In The World is Jay” and it will take you to the site.


“Whack Job” I saw coming!

O.K. I saw Mr. Beasley coming before the ink could dry on the book Twilight.  If no one has read this news story  this guy, Mr. Beasley, from Texas broke into a woman’s apartment claiming he was a 500 year old vampire who needed to feed.  Now, I am not making fun of this because this is actually very disturbing, but can you imagine  someone from Texas claiming to be a vampire saying that with a Texas accent?  What? I can hear it right now in my head and it just doesn’t sound right.  “I vant to feed”.  That is more what it should be like.

That probably would have caught my attention first.  If I didn’t start laughing at that point, I probably would have the minute he started hissing and growling.  After I picked myself up off of the floor, then I would have grabbed my bat and clubbed him.

There are a lot of unstable people in this world.  Give them fuel and they will build a fire.  I remember watching my very first vampire movie while sitting out in the dark in the bed of a pick-up truck at a drive-in theatre.  Who does that to a child?  I was so scared.  It contributed to my healthy dislike of the dark.  Of course watching the same movie years later made me laugh hysterically. 

I knew that it would not be long before there were enough weirdo’s out there that were so unhappy with their “normal” lives that they would have to reinvent themselves and become something that God never intended for someone to be.  Who drinks blood?  Yuck!  That is so disgusting and so not right.  So they are blaming it on pop culture.  My how pop culture changed over the years.  In my era, vampires creeped people out.  What is hollywood doing to our youth? I have never read Twilight.  I tell my children it is messed up to think you are a vampire.  They tell me that the vampires aren’t what I think they are in the book.  Doesn’t matter.  A vampire is a vampire.  That equals abnormal and abnormal. 

I was watching an episode of Father Knows Best the other day.  My how have shows changed.  If kids grew up with shows like that to watch, they might actually grow up to be good fathers/mothers.  They might be more respectful.  They would have a love of God.  They would make better citizens and better neighbors.  They would be kinder to their siblings.  Hollywood is destroying our society and for what?  A few bucks that a lot of movie stars end up using on drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes.  They lavish themselves with huge houses and expensive cars while many people are dying from starvation and no place to live.  They cheat on their husbands and wives while their children suffer.  They  seem to have no morals as to what they won’t do on screen.  Is the $10 movie ticket worth the moral decay of families?  My family and our relationship as a whole is priceless.  I would never put myself in a situation to destroy that.  Not for $10, not for $1o million.  I will not contribute to another hollywood divorce that will destroy a child’s life down the road.

Call me stupid, but that will not be on my head.  I have enough problems of my own to buy into someone else’s problems.  I figure that if we as a public won’t pay to see smut, they will quit making it. If we are disgusted what is in theaters, then we need to stop supporting them.