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Meet My Mother

Have you ever had all the stars and planets align up just right for the perfect payback?  Well it is coming my direction and the payback will be Friday!  If I could count the many ways my children have embarrassed me…..I don’t think I can count that high.  Or even the times other kids have embarrassed their parents.  Like the time my nephew took off through Kmart wearing a lady’s brassiere.  Glad that wasn’t my kid.  Or how about the time that my son got up to the drive-up window at the bank and asked for farties because he couldn’t pronounce smarties.  Oh, that was a good one.  I think of that one every time I go to the bank.

Then there was the time that one of my dear, sweet darlings left a Wal-Mart smiley face sticker on the driver’s seat of the car and I unknowingly sat on it and then walked all around town with said smiley face stuck to my butt.  Have you ever had one of those moments when you become aware of everything at once.  In my mind I retraced every footstep I made with that thing stuck to me.

An acquiantance’s daughter waited until an insurance salesman came and decided to bring in her potty training seat and proceeded to poo in front of the guy.  I think he should have gotten the hint that he needed to leave at that point.  That would be a good salesman deterrent.

Then there was my husband who at age 3 went for a ride on his bike and decided to crawl through a fence, ripping of his britches.  The neighbor brought him home in one hand and his drawers in the other.  Made my mother-in-law want to move to another town nearly.

I am sure every mother has similar stories.  This week-end is serious paybacks.  Our community is having a Halloween party.  My husband, kids and I  go all out for Halloween.  This year….Superheroes!  Well my daughter informs me she has a date on Friday.  (Inner smile)

I am setting up for the party at 5:30.  It starts at 6:30.  Her date is supposed to be by at 6:00.  (Insert another evil grin) Because of the time constraint, I will have to set up in my costume.  It is a policy of my husband and I to meet my children’s dates whenever possible.  This time is no exception.

When I started explaining to my daughter that I had to help set up at 5:30, but I would run back home at 6:00 to meet the date…..she got real quiet and then I heard a low throttling moan.  She realized that Batgirl would be greeting her date that evening and I will be arranging for Batman to  be close behind.

She was still moaning this morning every time she heard me doing the evil giggle I so enjoy doing when I am about to do something that is somewhat gratifying in an evil way.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Heee heee heee!

It is unavoidable.  I apologized to her, but not very sincerely.  I am thinking the whole gang needs to meet the date;  Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Spiderman and Captain America.  Perhaps he might think to himself that if he tries anything with her, that he has a household of complete loons that will come after him.  Works for me!  I guess this will prove how interested he really is in her right??

This cannot be any weirder than the fly I found floating in my oatmeal this morning…..still not sure how that happened.  I know that was random, but it still haunts my memory.  Haven’t been able to eat anything all day because of it.  Yuck!


I love May.  May is one of the most looked-forward-to months in our home. In our community, the men do a “Father/Son’s Campout” every year.  This is a fantastic time for the “boys” to spend a night with Dad doing what boys do.  This year all three of my boys took second in their division for “Donkey Kicking”.  Not sure if this is really anything to brag about, since I am not really sure what they actually did.  It was great to hear how excited my sons were.  They were even excited that their Dad came in second also.

This is such a great experience for the men.  The women, (me and my daughters) spend most of the time praying that it won’t get cancelled because of weather, because we get to party and play also.  We plan ahead for months on what we are going to do.  So to have anything cancelled is devastating to all.

Going out to eat is a must.  We try to try a different kind of food all the time.  Which after last year, I think we were banned from our local Chinese restaurant because we got on a giggle kick and couldn’t stop.  I am not entirely sure what was so funny come to think about it.  There was no drinking involved.  I don’t drink alcohol.

This year, the girls decided they wanted to go rock climbing.  What?  Did I hear you  correctly?  (That was my response)  I have never done this activity and not really sure to be honest if I had a desire to ever do this activity.  I am scared of heights.  In trying to be a good mom and take chances for the sake of my daughters, I went along.

I have tried many things for the first time on these outings.  For one, I had no desire to ever eat an octopus.  I have tried it and that is all I will say about that.  They are still working on me for sushi.  That will never happen.

At the rock wall, we had to get balet certified.  This frightened me to think that one of my two small in stature daughters would be holding my weight up.  When it was my turn to scale the wall, I could feel the heart racing and sweat starting.  I didn’t dare look up or look down.  Just when I thought I couldn’t go anymore, I glanced up and found that I was almost to the top.  I did it!  I made it.  When it came time to come down, I was freaking out because if my daughters couldn’t hold me up they would both end up being flat fritters when I came barreling down at 90 mph.

My daughter kept yelling at me to relax and just let her drop me.  Those are scary words coming from a child.  I decided to trust her and I came down.  It was a little bumpy, but I kissed the ground when I reached it.  Another “first” under the belt.

There is nothing like being scared senseless, eating at a mexican restaurant at 10:30 at night and completely laughing our heads off and then staying up until 1:00 .m.  scaring ourselves senseless again with a movie.  It reminds me of the MasterCard commercial.  It was priceless.

I now look forward to the Mother/Son’s outing in October where, I get hang with my boys  and do whatever it is boys like to do.   I am such a lucky mom!  I love my life!