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“Teenage Scarring”

In my opinion there are things that should never happen at certain points in a teens life.  Only because it will scar them for life and they may never recover from it.

One hundred years ago when I was a teenager something happened to me that I will never forget.  I can laugh about it now, but it was not a laughing matter then.  I was scarred.  I was fourteen and in those very awkward years when I was very concerned about what people  thought about me and how I looked, etc.  I was asked to sing at a function in another town.  The daughter of a friend of my mother’s wanted me to sing at a birthday celebration for all of the ladies and their husband’s in an LDS ward.  This was a great, yet scary opportunity.

There were about 100 people in attendance and I noticed that my 7th grade health teacher was there.  I of course was a big freshman in high school and wanted to make a good impression.  I hadn’t seen my teacher for a couple of years and didn’t want to end up looking stupid.

I had on some very high heels.  I would guess about 4 inches.  Which, by the way, I don’t wear heels anymore because of this very incident.  It came time for me to sing and I was starting to feel the butterflies in the gut.  We were in an old church gymnasium where sound traveled quite well.  I started walking up to the stage entrance when I heard a very loud bang on the floor.  It startled me out of the scared stupor I was in enough to look down and notice that my high heel had gotten stuck in a metal heater grate on the floor.  It was about 1 square foot in size.  I had lifted that entire vent out of the floor.  Struggling to keep my composure, I tried kicking the vent off.  It would not budge.  I had to remove my shoe and pry it off.  It ripped the leather on my heel in the process. 

After putting it back in its place I continued the “100”  mile walk to the stage.  There were a set of steps that I had to climb to go around the back entrance to get on.  I somehow managed to trip up the stairs putting a large hole and run in the pantyhose.

At this point when I arrived back stage.  I stood trying  to pull it together before attempting to sing a spiritual song.  Thinking I might get some support from my sister who was playing for me I looked to her for some sort of sign of encouragement.  All I could see was the bouncing up and down of her body on the bench because she could not stop laughing.

Needless to say, I was so mad at her and my mother all the way home because they couldn’t  stop laughing.  I was scarred, scarred bad and hoped I would never see those people again. 

Jump ahead 9  years.  I ended up moving to an area after getting married where I lived in the same town as the son  of my health teacher and the sister of the lady who asked me to sing.  Which by the way was almost an exact twin to her sister.  After a few years I have learned to laugh about this.  I have even been the recipient of a few jokes regarding this.  That’s fine, I just roll with the punches now.

Some children never get over this kind of thing.  There is someone I “know”…(We will change the name of the person and their relationship to me to protect the guilty) that had something happen to him that may take a lifetime to get over.

A few years ago we were attending a rodeo where a couple of  young men I “knew” wanted to do some muttin’ bustin’.  This is where you get on a sheep, hang on for  dear life and hope you get the most points to win the trophy.  This is a very popular event as families gather to see if their kid will ride the ride.

This particular child had on a pair of shorts.  I suggested that they put on some long sweats so they wouldn’t get their legs all scratched up.  The child initially put the sweats over their shorts, but I suggested that they  just wear the sweats because of how hot it was.  An important fact to remember here is that the sweats were breakaway sweats.  They snapped all the way up both sides.

The  child’s turn came to ride the sheep and he got on holding as tight as he could.  He was about 11 years old.  As the sheep bolted out of the chute, the boy was thrown off the sheep.  The sheep stepped on the sweats and it somehow ended up ripping the sweats off of the kid.

He sat there in the middle of the rodeo arena  in  his tighty-whities, trying to frantically find the sweats to put them over him.  Now, not everyone could have seen this, but I know  as soon as the rodeo announcer said,”Ladies, cover your eyes while this young man retrieves his britches” probably grabbed the  attention of the entire audience.  This poor child’s mother could not stop laughing long enough to get up and help the poor kid out of the arena.  He pretty much demanded to go home after that and his muttin’ bustin’ career was over.

Five years later and this  is a very sore subject with him.  I am not sure if he will ever be able to laugh at this.  I have heard people laughing about this after the fact.  People  who did not know my relationship to this young man, but who was there in the audience to eyewitness this young man’s life altering experience.


Have Dog? Must Ride!

When I was a young kid, I wanted a horse just like every other kid.  Unfortunately I had to settle for the family dog.  He was a very big labrador named Duke.  Duke had many qualities, none of which really deserve bragging about, but he did have one amazing talent.  You could throw a rock to the moon and that dog would retrieve the exact rock and bring it back.  This was field tested many times and he never missed.  I was about six years old with a wild imagination and decided that Duke was really big enough to saddle up and ride.  Of course, I wasn’t stupid enough to be the one to get on but somehow I managed to get my 9-year-old sister to get on.  So we tied a rope around Duke’s head and my sister climbed on.  The one thing she did not take into consideration was my diabolical mind.  Once she was seated, I wanted to see if she could ride so I picked up a rock and threw it as far as a six-year-old could.  Duke took off, I would say 0-60 in about 5 1/2 seconds, with my sister hanging on and screaming for dear life.  Duke had the best pair of “brakes” I had ever seen on a dog.  When he stopped, it was on the spot.  Well this left my sister as a flying projectile.  Of course the minute she came to the end of the rope she was tied too, she dropped straight to the ground.  I could not contain my laughter even after she told me that I was going to get it from Mom.  After dragging me back to the house screaming, we opened the door to see my mother literally on the floor with tears spilling down her face.  I guess she had seen the whole incident and thought it was a lot more funny than what my sister did.  I escaped a kick to the butt that day.

I was thinking about this story when I remembered a story my brother-in-law told us of a dog-riding monkey.  I cannot begin to tell a tale like he.  I don’t have the right cowboy accent nor the animation associated with his storytelling.  I will try my best to relate the story.

Years ago, he was attending a rodeo where the halftime show was a dog-riding monkey.  They would strap this little fellow to the back of a dog and that dog would run a course with the monkey never falling off.  Well this particular day, something went terribly wrong.  When the dog came into the arena to start the show, something caught the dogs attention and threw it off course with the monkey still astride his back.  The dog, with no thought as to what was strapped on his back, proceeded to run under a truck whacking the monkey’s head on the axles and thus knocking said monkey out.   The dog came out from under the truck still going at a good clip, the monkey was still attached and bouncing around like a limp rag.  The dog didn’t stop there, he ran under another truck as if he was chasing an imaginary cat or something.  It took awhile for them to get to dog stopped to administer medical treatment to the monkey.  Yes, the monkey did live through it.  Although he probably turned in his two-week once conscience.

I know it is horrible to laugh at something like this, but it just goes to show you that even the best, well-trained dogs have brain-farts once in a while and nothing should ever be strapped to their back.  Whether that be a monkey or a child.