There are times when I do things that I really wonder what I am thinking when I decided to do it.  Today I did something that I know a forty+ year old woman probably should have thought completely through before attempting.

I am a true believer in playing with my kids.  I will try a lot of things and perhaps some that I shouldn’t.  I have done more things as a mother than I never did as a teen.  I believe in being involved in my kids’ life so I know what their likes and dislikes are.  My kids are quite varied in the things they like to do.  So I have done a few things that perhaps some parents wouldn’t do.

I have played video games with my boys because that is like what they do.  I do have to ask what the controls do each time.  But I have been banned from Modern Warfare because my sons don’t like the idea that I prefer shooting the vending machines, cash registers, condiments, beagles and TV’s.  I get a weird thrill out of that.  My son’s don’t appreciate it.  I am the queen of Battlefront.  I hold the headshot record. Yesssss!

I live in Utah.  As a youngster, I loved tubing, skiing, ice skating and other various winter sports.  I usually ended up getting hurt because of stupid ideas.  The last time I went skiing (30 years) I ran a girl over and decided that was not the profession for me.  Then I tried ice skating earlier this year for the first time after 30 years.  I nearly took out a baby in a stroller. Nearly got banned from the ice rink after that.  When I was younger my brother had built a snowmobile out of wood and skis.  He then got my brother, sister and I to go to the tubing hill with him.  He welded the skis on to the box thus making this thing heavier than an ox.  It took all four of us to get the thing up the hill.  It was heavy to get much speed, so we built a jump at the bottom of the hill and then would have my brother lay on the other side for us to try to jump him.   We could have killed him.  This was not smart, nor was it my idea.  My brother almost sent a lot of us to the “other side” with his hairbrained ideas.  I usually liked trying a lot of things as a youth because I could bounce back physically better if I a happened to get injured.  That doesn’t happen as much as I am more “mature”.  The old body gets hammered a lot easier.

In comes today’s complete brain fart.  My son has been wanting a Banshee Bungi.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a stretchable rope thing that you stretch out for someone to hold to the other end.  It launches said person across the lawn or other various other things at a pretty good rate of speed.  Well yesterday we got 10 inches of snowed dumped on us.  So my son has been chomping at the bit to get out on the snowboard.  Since we don’t have a lot of snow on the hilly areas, it isn’t good for snow activities so today he calls his buddy who owns one.  This is the first time my son tried it out even though he has been wanting one for months.

At  some point, they needed an extra person to help stretch the bungi because of how “strong” I volunteered (Not).  Anyway, it looked pretty fun.  I have never snowboarded, I used to skateboard in elementary school and true to form..did some pretty stupid things.  I had good balance.  It isn’t like that now.  The southerly gravitational pull that starts occurring at age 35 does something to the equilibrium.  After helping these boys a few times, I decided I wanted to try.  When I first stepped into the board that should have been a clue.  Did I stop there?…heck no!  I had to make a complete fool of myself before quitting.

I grabbed the rope and not only had I never been on a snowboard, but I was actually going to try the jump that had been built.  Snowplow is the only word that comes to mind that would describe my move.  I am not talking about the skiing “snowplow”  I am talking about the ones that go up and down the road.  I was wearing a snowsuit and I hit so hard I actually found snow in my pant pockets.  I nearly ate the entire path.  I won’t need a drink of water for weeks.  So what happens?  I get up and am told by my son and his friend to try it again.  Not sure if it was because they wanted to see me eat it again or what.  I had set the goal to go further than the original two feet.  I probably made three feet the second time before burying myself three feet under.  I have parts that are slowly starting to stiffen up.  Someday I might actually grow up and find these activities too much, but then what would I give my children to laugh about right?