Those of you not living in Utah cannot begin to understand what Spring can be like.  Spring makes you think of beautiful flowers, green grass, budding trees, singing birds, etc.,etc.  That paints a very pretty picture.  BUT, and that is a big BUT, spring in Utah takes on a whole other meaning.  Take for instance two days ago. I was dressed up like “Randy” in The Christmas Story.  Thinking that I was not ever going to get warm. I would have put on 4 pairs of socks if I would have been able to get my feet in my shoes.  This is the end of March mind you.  It was cold and snowy.  Two days later…..nearly 70 degrees.  What????  I went swimming in the ocean in Florida  one December when it was 72 degrees.   Of course most of the Floridians at the beach thought I was a complete goon.   When you are used to Christmas being about 10 degrees, 72 is a flippin’ heat stroke waiting to happen.

Many people who are new to Utah are shocked by what some of us wear in these extreme temperatures.  I have spent most of my life in Utah and have still not gotten used to the cold temps.  It is the die-hards that I am talking about.  My son fits that category to the tea.  He has worn a coat once this winter to school.  A light jacket, or nothing is his usual pick.  One year his goal was to wear shorts everyday for the entire school year.  I think he made it except for one day.  Utah is known to get to 15 degrees or more below zero during the winter months.  This kid is nuts!  Any other state and I would have been turned into DCFS for child endangerment sending him to school like that.

I remember living in Florida as a kid and thinking that the 115 degree temperatures during the summer was going to kill me.  It didn’t seem to bother some people.  Us “implants” spent most of the days at the community swimming pool trying to keep the flesh from spontaneously combusting.  Of course in the south they shut down schools when they get an inch of snow.  We have to get about 2 feet or more for schools to close down.  Then it takes an act of congress to pass the closure.

We are all like critters in our own habitats.  You take us out of what we are used to and we can’t handle it.  It takes awhile to climatize for some of us and some of us never do.  When I think, I can get used to this………….it is supposed to snow in two days.  How? Why?  The questions that not even the weatherman can answer in this great state!  We just roll with the punches and hope that two days from now we don’t hit 100 degrees and stay there until September.  Yes, it has come close to doing that before.